What’s in Felicia’s makeup bag?

I am not even going to lie prior to this past month I probably have had the saddest makeup bag around in the whole wide world! I did do some shopping over the last 2 weeks for some new stuff, but I want to show everyone what’s been in my makeup bag for the last 3-4 years.

(Don’t judge me so embarrassing! LOL)

Makeup bag

I have had this bag since 2012! I know a really short time to look so dingy! But it’s even scarier once I show you what the inside looks at! Take a peak.


Here is a sneak peak in! I definitely do not have any fancy makeup! I used to walk into a Sephora or a Ulta, and run out screaming because I was just so overwhelmed at times because I had no one to guide me like hey this is good, and don’t use this.  Not to mention I don’t think not one person even offered to help in the store, and I’m sure I looked lost, and like I didn’t belong!


First thing is first the 3 foundations I swear by!

1- MAC Match master 1.5 Foundation (For the winter time when I’m Casper the friendly ghost)

2- MAC Match master 3.0 Foundation (For the summer time when I actually look lively again)

3- Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 310 (For when I’m low on my first two, and need a good backup)

A quick story on how I started using MAC foundation. I know it can be very intimidating to walk into the stores, and not where to even start but, I finally got the balls to walk into my local MAC store and asked for help! I told them I was looking for a good base/foundation for my skin combo of oily, and sometimes very dry skin & BAM I came home with this! LOL


The two blushes I swear by!

1- Cargo Blush (Im not even going to tease you & show you the pretty pink blush color under the tin because the label is too worn out to even see it. Sorry guys : /

Story behind the Cargo blush- Had a wedding to go to and I went into the mini Sephora in my local Macy’s. No lies the lady who did my makeup did a horrible job, and I know my impatient self should of waited for my appointment at MAC but I couldn’t help myself.  But on the plus side I came home with this really awesome blush & a Cargo Magic Brush in which I swear by till this day!

2- Milani Baked Blush in color luminoso (Usually lightly put this onto my blush brush, and lightly put it over my cargo blush for a glowing/luminous effect)

3-Mascara I want to say it is Wet N Wild I am not really a fan. I want to say its more wet in this instance & does absolutely nothing for my eyelashes.

As you can see my sponges & brushes in the back they are definitely nothing special they are very old, but I do use the sponges when I want to really blend my foundation in better or not cake it on as much, and they still do a good job 3 years later.


Now here is the better mascara that I swear by!

1-Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara (LOVE IT!) & its the toughest! You can cry a river, and you still would be good to go! 😉

2- NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel- Let me just tell you these are one of my favorite colors by NYX, and you bet it taste like Apple Strudel, UGH love it! ❤️ ❤️

Now I am going to show you some of my newer purchases that I purchased about 2 weeks ago.


1- 2 Maybelline FIT Me concealers! One is in Deep 35 & the other in Light 10. I use the light for under my eyes, right under my eyebrow line where my arch is, on my china, and right under my nose to give my face a little highlight. I’ve been using the deep to contour on and off.  If I do use the deep it’s for my temples, and right under my cheek bones.

 2- My famous Cargo Magic Brush that I use to apply my foundation for a great blend!

 3- The sponge I use to blend in the light concealer.


4- ELF Mineral Powder Brush that I don’t use for powder, and didn’t even realize it was for powder (Clearly I cannot read LOL) But I have been using it to blend in the Fit Me Deep Concealer 35, and its been doing a pretty well job without powder LOL



Oh PS that shiny little round thing in the front is gel eyeliner by L’Oreal I have used it a couple of times, and it gets the job done for now.  I’m not a pro at eyeliner, and I do try to avoid it at all costs! But I am working on it, and hope to share it all with you guys!

Hope you liked the contents of my scary makeup bag; believe me I am working on it little by little as you’ll see on my next blog post soon!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below & I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Please keep an eye out for some more wonderful posts & don’t forget to subscribe beauty lovas! X0 ❤️❤️

PS SO sorry picture quality is so weird on here! There from my Google account! Better pics to come!


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