The beggining ❤️

I am excited to start this new journey of blogging, especially on something that I recently started enjoying more, and more.  I got into makeup probably at age 14, like any other teen girl.  I started off with the blush, the lipstick, hiding it from my mom so she wouldn’t see (she was a real stickler too! Sorry mom LOL), but I never had a clue if I was ever doing it correctly.  I want to say back then there was no YouTube yet to watch how to’s, and etc.  I’m sure being the eldest child didn’t help either.  No bigger sister to teach me, to show me how to properly apply makeup.  My mom wasn’t a big makeup fan either, so since 14 I kind of just winged it on my own, and still do to this day! And I’m sure a lot of people can relate to me when it comes to this! I don’t want to say I’m a 1st time beginner at applying makeup because I have some sort of knowledge, and I definitely don’t want to say that I’m great at it because lets be real I’m far from it, and still learning!  Lack of guidance has definitely been an inspiration for me to help others who were just like me who want to learn, and be great at something that makes them feel beautiful! In the first 25 years of my life I think I finally found a hobby! Something that I purely enjoy doing and that I want to do so much more with! My boyfriend thinks I’m nuts for calling it a hobby, but if it feels like a passion, and makes you happy then SORRY honey it’s a hobby!  (PS if it consumes most of your time& your wallet; like his dirt bikes then its 100% a hobby ;-)) What struck my interest to get into makeup on a deeper level is one of my co workers who signed up for Ipsy & Birch box months ago (Thank you Agathe!!).  She gets these cool boxes every month, and every time she would get them and show me my excitement level went from 0 to 100 because you never know what you’re going to get! (Thanks to her I am know subscribed to both! So look out for my product reviews soon!)  I also want to thank her for referring me to these 2 great inspirations on YouTube; Kathleen Lights, and Jaclyn Hill without these two girls with all their videos I wouldn’t have taken a leap to try something new, and I wouldn’t of found something that I genuinely LOVE doing!

So please keep an eye out for some more wonderful posts & don’t forget to subscribe beauty lovas! XO ❤❤


10 thoughts on “The beggining ❤️

  1. Makeup and blogging is definitely a hobby! 😁 Welcome to the blogging world, can’t wait to read more of your posts ☺️ xoxo

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