A HAUL Lotta Make Up 😉

Hello beautiful Beaute lovers!

I did a HAUL lotta make up shopping today 💄💄💄 I did hit a few stores on this gloomy day in NYC! (& now have an empty wallet LOL ツ)

I went to my local Target, Sephora inside JC Penny’s, and Marshall’s! I got some awesome stuff! Check it out below 


NYX HD Studio Primer Base & it comes out gray, but blends amazing! (Target)


AphOrism Mini Thick Lip Sticks (Marshalls) I paid $3.99 for these and they are ok the pink comes out to a perfect dull pink on your lips, and I haven’t tried the nude yet. What I don’t like about these AphOrism product is that they don’t have color names! That is such a huge PET PEEVE OF MINE!! 😡😡😡😡


Chrislie Formulations Contour Kit. Believe it or not the lighter powder is right about the dark powder and you can barely see it! But I can’t wait to try this on my face to see the outcome! (Marshall’s)


Urban Decay de-slick Makeup Setting Spray Oil Control; I LOVE LOVE LOVE this spray! ❥❥ 

My skin depending on which kind of foundation I use can be VERY oily, and shiny as the day goes by! This settles absoultly  everything and makes it matte, and not shiny at all! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Sephora) 

20150526_185115Elf Lip Stain

Elf Lip Stain in 22125 Hot Tamale; It comes out super dull on your skin, but as soon as I used it on my lips it was very pinkish/red and came out too a nice color.  It is hard to get your upper lip without stabbing your lip with the point, but I think i figured it out! Use it sideways LOLOL! (Target)


Once again AphOrism, but this time eye shadows! There is definitely some good colors, but this shadow is not really that pigmented but thats what you get for $7.99USD LOL 😖😖 (Marshall’s)


These are also Marshalls eyeshadows by Nude Eyes, and these are going to be great for a smokey eye look! Im super excited to use these ill let you all know how it works out!


These are both ELF brushes one is a eyeshadow C brush, and the other one is a angled contour brush.  Both brushes are super affordable & work like high quality brushes! I bought them because my Groupon brushes haven’t arrived yet but they should be coming tomorrow! 😁😁😁😁 (cheesy smile!!)


This was the best $3.00 I have ever spent! This is ELFS eye primer & Liner sealer.  The primer is used to hold your shadows that you use so you don’t smudge, bleed or crease. The sealer is the amazing part! You can use it for transforming your favorite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner 😦😦 I KNOW SHOCKING! 


Love Always Felicia XOXO

Any questions comment below & don’t forget to follow for more about Life, Love & Makeup with me 😘😘😘😘


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