Confessions of a Crying Wallet.

Is it too soon to say that I think I have a problem? (Shakes head) Nah, Nope, No I don’t or do I? HMM

Even if I do I’m just going to pretend I don’t anyway! It’s not like I’m purchasing things I’m never going to use right? HA

Well I done did it again! WOOPS!

I splurged on this bad boy! (Cheesiest of cheesy smiles ever given here)


I couldn’t resist myself! When I seen this in Sephora last week I was mesmerized and needed to jump on the Urban Decay Naked band wagon.

I purchased it online & it should be here next week.

Now only to buy their brother and sisters! HEHEHE

I guess I’ll just go in descending order at this point too! 2 will be next then 1 LMAO! YAY!


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