Birchbox June 2015 Guest Editor Box

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Friday today, and is ready for a awesome weekend! (party time woohoo or relaxation time whichever you prefer 😉 )

I promised a written review on my Birch Box for June (for all of you who didn’t watch my YouTube video 2 posts below, but you can click HERE to watch it now) so lets do this boo-thangs! 😉


This is the pretty box it came in 😍 😍 (Don’t zoom in on the address Y’all LOL, don’t mind the y’all Ive been listening to country music these last few days)


This months Birchbox theme is summer. This specific box is the Guest Editor Box by Meghan Markle, and she picked her favorite products to put into the box (insert cheesy smiles here). The box is VERY summery, and it kind of reminds me of a holiday/vacation in the Caribbean with white sand beaches, and blue water. (Now I want to know where are the pina colodas? or margaritas?) HEY! Id take the drinks over the product any day. Just saying Birchbox LOL


What’s in the box? Closer now, closer!!

Cute little note from Meghan Markle BTW! If this is her real hand writing, she kills it! YOU GO GIRL! KUDOS LOL


AWHH finally! Did get some goodies this month, and I Love it 🙂


1. Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow

Actually wore it yesterday, and I have it on today.  As you can see from the picture I had it on my face, duhhh felicia!   At first I thought this was going to be way to dark for my skin tone/complexion, but it applied great, and I really like this stuff now. Yesterday I applied it with my hands (DO NOT DO PEOPLE, use your foundation brush! I used mine this morning, and woof what a difference! LOL) This BB cream is supposed to give you a glowey/dewey look but on my face it just didn’t do it for me. When I applied it on my hand the first day I got it my hand was more glowey then my face LOL.

I would rate this a 8/10, and would definitely purchase a full size ($27.00USD) in the future.


Davines SU Hair & Body Wash; Have not used yet, I’m debating on using this for my shampoo tonight.  When I opened to smell it, it kind of brings me back to the little kid days when your playing with play-dough (YES it smells like play-dough LOL so weird I know! I’m going to be smelling like play dough tonight, whoop!) Full size $22.50USD


Harvey Prince HELLO Body Cream; Another product I have yet to use yet! (Sorry guys I know I’m slacking! LOL) But the smell has a very citrus smell like you just came from the beach kind of smell, or a tanning kind of smell.  Somewhere in between all those smells I just mentioned LOL. Full size is $22.00USD


Real Chemistry Luminous 3- minute peel NOT A MASK!! PEEL PEOPLE PEEL!! LOL I am so excited to use this product, and I’m going to use it tonight. (I know I said that 2 days ago, but its been a crazy week people, sorry loves xo) I have some girl time with myself tonight since the boyfriend is away for the weekend, so I will be relaxing, and PEELING my face tonight) I cant wait to do a review on this one so I will be mentioning this product again soon. Full size $48USD



Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum (Definitely perfume! LOL)

For those who did not watch my YouTube video on this box I will fill you in here. I ranted on this perfume on how it just smells like something my grandmother would wear. It is not a young fun perfume at all! (If you haven’t seen that rant please go watch because I think that I was HYSTERICAL! LOLOL)

Overall this was a pretty good box. I did think I was going to get more makeup, but its ok that I didn’t.  I was really excited for the Eyeko Fat Eye Liner we were supposed to be getting but they delayed it a few boxes (REALLY UPSET BTW BIRCHBOX, NOT COOL!) But I get my Ipsy bag in a week, and I cant wait for that one! 🙌🙌

This is it for Fridays post I hope you guys loved it! Because I know I LOVE you guys!!

PS I am NOT going to be posting on the weekend because I feel that is slower here on the weekends.  I will be back on Monday with a full weekend recap, and a review of all those products I didn’t use!

LOVE you my fabulous readers 💋💋💋💋


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