Product Review: Ipsy Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain REVIEW

Hi Beauty Queens, & Kings 😉

I received J.CAT BEAUTY’S Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain FULL SIZE BTW in my beauty bag for this month (JUNE 2015). And last night was the first night I tried it out! KEEP READING LOVLIES!


When I first opened this bottle it smells so lemony the lip stain I was like OH wow this cant be good, and the color is this deep pink color that I actually really liked.  Minus the funk-a-dunk smell I was excited to use it because I thought this color was going to look magnificent on me, but then I applied it! On your lips it is the most hydrating lip stain I have ever used, even better then lip gloss, lip balm, chap stick, and even lipstick. When applied it is NOT lemony at all!! It is so minty, and refreshing it makes your lips feel absolutely amazing.

Photo on 6-17-15 at 9.29 PM

Photo on 6-17-15 at 9.29 PM #4

Photo on 6-17-15 at 9.30 PM

I was NOT a fan of the color! It is way to dark for my light complexion right now.  Maybe with a tan it would be a totally different story. Even when my boyfriend came home he was like WOW THIS COLOR IS NOT FOR YOU! LOL.

This is one of J.CAT BEAUTYS newest items! This product in full size is only $5.99USD on her website, and she is VERY AFFORDABLE!! Check out her other products right here J.CAT BEAUTY.

I give this item a 7/10 just because I really loved the hydrating feeling it gave me. I definitely will be buying more so I hope they have different/better colors available!! 🙂

& I totally RECOMMEND this item!!


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9 thoughts on “Product Review: Ipsy Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain REVIEW

    1. Pigmented times a million! It looks so weird on me the color, but I am definitely going to order different colors because I like it that much!


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