Primer VS Primer: Battle of the Bases

Hi my beautiful buttercups!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday, and is ready to start the weekend!

So before everyone starts this wonderful weekend I figured I would leave you this awesome post!


If you haven’t heard of makeup primer, or haven’t really used makeup primer then you are totally missing out on this wonderful invention guys! Basically all makeup primer is doing is just giving you the base for your face. It allows your makeup to last a whole lot longer, and it will apply really well.

The first primer I purchased was the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer;


At first I wasn’t to sure if this primer was the right color, GRAY? I’ve never seen a primer this color before, and I wasn’t sure how this was going to apply on my face. Lets just say it made my face look even paler then it is, and it applied so SLIMEY!  This primer is also $17.00 USD.

Review on this one 6/10; I was NOT impressed, and Ill tell you why below.

After reading so many good reviews on NYX Angel Veil I was intrigued to go purchase it, and I did!


This product cost me $15USD, and I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of how it looks when it comes out of the tube, but it is white, its creamy, and the consistency feels like you are putting baby oil on your skin.  When applied it is nothing like baby oil! It absorbs to your skin so well, and makes my skin look, and feel FLAWLESS, Beyoncé FLAWLESS YALL!

I highly recommend this product I give it a 10/10!!

PS I bought the last one in the store, and some lady was following me around, and giving me an evil look waiting for me to put it down. Clearly she was looking for the same thing I just bought hehe, OPPS! LOLOL

And then I received the HOLY GRAIL of all PRIMERS!


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, DUHH!

I received these 2 small samples in my IPSY BOX for JUNE 2015. This primer is clear so it doesn’t make you look any paler, or any darker then you already are LOL. It has the same consistency as the Angel Veil. Oily, but then turns your skin to light, airy, smooth, and your makeup just looks absolutely amazing!  I only used this twice because I really don’t want to use it so fast because I know it is so damn expensive!

It is $36.00 USD for a full size bottle of this bad boy!


 My conclusion is that that NYX HD Photogenic Primer Aint SHIT that great! Especially for $17 USD what a huge rip off! I am all for the Angel Veil, and The Smashbox. I can definitely see myself buying the Angel Veil a million times over, and even the Smashbox when I have extra cash in my pocket!

This is me recommending YOU to jump on that NYX Angel Veil train if you haven’t already!

LOVE YOU lovelies xo


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