Dry Eyelids? #MakeupProblems

Hello pumpkin pies!

I wanted to talk about this little issue I have experiencing just to see if anyone else has had, or might have this issue?

This started just a few days ago where my eyelids are super dry, with super dry skin, dry to the point where they start to hurt a little when I touch them or try to apply a moisturizer to them.

I’m wondering if its the new Neutrogena Hydrating my ass makeup removing wipes that are making my lids so dry 😦

Before I started using them I was using ELFs & they worked perfectly, and all the sudden I have dry eyelids!!

Mind you I have NEVER had dry eyelids EVER in my life. Its so bad to the point where I haven’t put on makeup in DAYS!

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is going through it right now?

I would really love to know darlings please xo


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12 thoughts on “Dry Eyelids? #MakeupProblems

  1. Omgsh I’m sorry to hear about that.. It doesn’t sound comfortable at all 😕 I’ve never experienced that but I don’t think I have ever used the Neutrogenq wipes. Ponds or Aveeno have never disappointed me!

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  2. you can try using vaseline like the legit petroleum jelly stuff! It feels gross on your eye but it fixes every dry area! it also grows your lashes! -T

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