Drug Store Top 5 Products | Collaboration With ShopaholicsPairOfDice 💜💛💚💙

Hey my loves!!

I am so excited about this post today because I have been working with the AMAZING Naomi from ShopaholicsPairOfDice ((PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BLOG SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)) on our drug store top 5 products collaboration! She has been nothing more then an absolute doll & a pleasure! PS She has patience of a saint because she put up with my crazy work schedule LOL 🙈🙈 THANK YOU DARLING!!

Lets get this PARTY started, WOO!


These are my makeup essentials I would say! I definitely use most of these items every time I apply makeup to my face.  And sometimes I even slip up & forget to apply my primer, whoops! (Products left to right)


1. Milani Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso

This blush is one of my favorites! I bought this YEARS AGO, and as you can see its still brand new! I barely use this as a brush I use it more as a highlighter for above my blush, and its amazing!! I haven’t been able to find this brand in a while which is really disappointing because I want to buy MORE!


2. NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural

For one I am totally in LOVE with nudes! This nude hits my lip color right on the head to the point where it looks exactly like my lip color just a whole lot shiner.  The few things I really love about this product is that NYX makes there glosses have a flavor! I am such a SUCKER for flavored lipgloss!! Who doesn’t love lip gloss in cherry flavor?!  What this also does is make my lips all cool, and tingly it reminds me of a really good lip plumper without the plump LOL


3. NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer **OIL FREE

If you haven’t read my Primer VS Primer: Battle of the Bases post then today is the day because you will see that this is my NUMBER 1 FAVORITE PRODUCT, EVER, LIKE EVER! I swear by this primer before I put any makeup on my face. It does have a oily baby oil smell but thats just the way it feels! Once you apply it to your skin it does not have that consistency.  This primer truly does do wonders, and makes my skin/makeup application look & feel FLAWLESS! Beyonce hair flip here!  


4. Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara

I always use mascara in every single makeup routine. This mascara works really well for my particular baby lashes as I like to call them.  It actually makes them look bigger, and fuller when I use this brand!


5. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Normal to Oily Foundation in 125

Before I was into Mac products, and before this product got a bottle change this was always my number one foundation.  This was my starter foundation, and I still have the original bottle (Maybeliine Fit Me foundation in 310).  But now I use this as my makeup foundation when I run out of MAC because its just as good, and way more affordable. So when Im low on cash and don’t feel like splurging like right now I use this foundation.

These are my Top 5 Drug Store Beauty Products, and again I want to thank Naomi from ShopaholicsPairOfDice for being a great working partner on this collab! XOXO

Again everyone go & check out her blog because she is just awesome!




Love Always,


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    1. It is amazing!! This is the foundation I originally started with when I first started using makeup. I highly recommend it. You just need to put it on light, and blend really well. =) xo

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