Amazing Welcome Home Present 😘

Hello Lovies!

Just wanted to let you all know I am finally home!! I got home late late last night from a really amazing weekend! Service wasn’t that bad when I got there but the hotel had a NO CELL PHONE POLICY – so theres that LOL

I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the spa or anything else that that, which has the most amazing pool BTW

The only thing I was able to get a picture of all weekend was our room service Friday night that was waiting for us upon on our arrival because we weren’t going to make it in time for dinner.


I should of took this sooner but I was too starved! LOL (Filet Mignon BTW😍)


They also sent us a dessert sampler of all their desserts that night, this was my fav part! LOL

But the real reason I am here writing this post today because I came home to a nice welcome home surprise!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.03.05 PM

So thank you all for all your LOVE & SUPPORT even when I am on vacation!! You are all so amazing!! I LOVE you all!  😘 😘

PS look what totally came in the mail when I was gone this weekend too!

Photo on 6-29-15 at 4.47 PM



To enter this contest please follow this link; ENTER HERE!

Anyways I will be back soon I have a dentist appointment shortly to get a cavity filled in & a leaning, UGH!

Love you all!!


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14 thoughts on “Amazing Welcome Home Present 😘

    1. Thank you so much!! I can’t click onto your page to the sunshine award nomination =( Whats going on with your page?


    1. I know its so crazy!! I have been blogging for a little over a month! So such little time, but if you put your heart and soul into it you will get an amazing outcome =)


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