A Peek into My Purse

Hi Babydolls!

I thought today I would do something different, and give you all a peek into my purse to see what goodies I got in my bag!

I am even considering to do this on the 1st of every month depending on the outcome/feedback.

20150630_213711This is my bag that I am using for right now! It is from a Coach outlet store, and one of my favorite bags!




I got a whole lotta junk in my bag for this month!

1. Guess Wallet

2. Car Keys

3. Boyfriends house keys

4. $5 Starbucks gift card (Most important of course!)

5.Tampons & Advil- well because its that time of the month

6. My 3 favorite lip products right now!

7. My glasses so I can drive, and read LOL

8. My l’occitane moisturizer that is amazing! I don’t even know why this is even in my bag i don’t ever carry it with me usually.

& thats all folks xo


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4 thoughts on “A Peek into My Purse

    1. That is so awesome! Good luck tomorrow, and start filling up your purse with some travel size must use on the go products! That’s what I would do =) XO

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