Birchbox App for Samsung?! Say What?!

Hello my loves! I am so happy to be home after a nice long Fourth of July weekend! Happy 4th of July for those who celebrated and enjoyed their weekend just as much as I did. I am so happy I am FINALLY able to catch up on all the wonderful comments I received when I was gone, and catch up on some blogging!!  I am sorry I haven’t been on, but I had 0 service in Pennsylvania this weekend plus I really wanted some quality time with friends, and family.  Even though it rained down-poured Saturday we made the best of it! We played Uno during the day, took a drive to Walmart, and when it finally stopped raining played beer pong 😍 No fireworks until Sunday due to Saturdays weather, and we seen them right before we came home, and it was really beautiful!

I was home yesterday but decided to take the day off, and just hangout by the pool, and get some sun.  I definitely got lots of sun! SUNBURN which you can see here 🙈🙈🙈

Photo on 7-7-15 at 4.41 PM

Sunburn is an understatement I am more of a crispy can’t move kind of lobster from my back all the way down my legs. Only on my back half side of me which becomes a real pain in the tush to sleep! LOL

But yesterday as I was laying out I received an email from Birchbox saying that I earned enough points to go purchase something from either in the Birchbox Store which is not to far from me or on their website .  I decided let me check out their website and see what they have.  And BAM behold a message popped up to download their app!

Birchbox NEVER had an app for SAMSUNG which really frustrates me because I know iPhones do and I am NOT an iPhone lady, ANYMORE! iPhones are able to open up their boxes on their app, and do reviews on products. So when I seen this yesterday I almost fell off my lounge chair!

So for everyone who has samsung products I highly recommend to download the Birchbox app for your Samsung phones, or tablets! GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY!  Here are some pictures of the app after I downloaded it yesterday.



How awesome!! I am so honored to be part of Birchbox, and for them to finally cater to us Samsung users!

Job well done Birchbox major Kudos for you this month!!

Love always,


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