Thank You Courtney!

Today has been a crazy day for me so far, and it always seems to get crazy on my days off, UGH!

  1. I had to go to AT&T to buy a new phone because my Samsung S4 charger port was no longer functional.  I winded up having to get an iPhone 6+ (which I am NOT so thrilled about). My cell phone bill is now going to be more per month, UGH! 
  2. Just found out were going out for my moms birthday tonight which is Thursday, and now I gotta find this lady a gift in 2 hours! Lord help me today please LOL

So please don’t think Im ignoring your comments or not replying. I promise as soon as I get home from birthday gift shopping I am going to be answering, replying, and reading your posts! There really isn’t enough time in one day, and its crazy!

But the whole 15 minutes that Ive been home so far I wanted to get a special thank you to COURTNEY BUEGE from FIXEDONTHESON.COM because I received my giveaway I won from her last week! I never win anything, EVER, and this week I won TWO giveaways! I think I need to start playing LOTTO LOL

Photo on 7-13-15 at 3.47 PM
Thanks girl! XO

So a very big THANK YOU to her for sending me some awesome goodies! I can’t wait to open it when I get home!!

Love Always,


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13 thoughts on “Thank You Courtney!

  1. Hi great blog! ive just nominated you to take part in the love hate tag. check out my page adorebeauty2 to find out how to take part thanks x

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