Hi my darlings!

For those who weren’t able to watch my live Ipsy unboxing for July here is the video below!

A picture version of my Ipsy opening will be posted shortly! Stay tuned love bugs XO 😘😘

Love Always,


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20 thoughts on “UNBOXING IPSY BAG LIVE + MORE!

      1. I watched the video and just wanted to say you are so cute! You have such a great personality. You really belong on TV or something 😉 also i just signed up to a subscription box from popsugar but haven’t received my box yet. I’ll do a post on it when I do. I’ve never had a subscription before but the Ipsy one you received I would love (minus the grandma perfume) & for only $10 I may have to sign up for that one. I have the park ave princess bronzer which is part of one of my palettes and love it. I use it all the time. It’s weird that the one you have looks a bit darker. Gosh my schedule is so cray cray with work and school but I will make time for one of your videos!!!

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      2. AWH Shay! You are the best girlie thank you so much XOXO. I have been so interested in trying Pop Sugar I cannot wait for you to get your box, and show your goodies! You should definitely sign up for Ipsy it is AMAZING! Probably not as good as Pop Sugar but close! Thank you for being so supportive girlie I love it XO

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