The Beautiful Blogger Award

Welcome back to my blog beauty babes!

I am so excited for this post because I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award for the first time ever! WOOHOO!  Thank you to the beautiful Brianna from Online Beauty Finds for nominating me for this amazing award you are so awesome! PS you guys totally need to check out her blog she is amazing!

The Rules:

  • State who nominated you
  • Answer questions given
  • Tell us 7 random facts
  • Nominate 10 beauty or fashion bloggers
  • Make up 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them


1. What is your all-time favorite mascara?  Right now LOL my favorite mascara is Maybelline Colossal! 🙂

2. How often do you wear makeup?  Every so often I can be really lazy, and not wear any.  Other days I feel like I’m in the mood to be pretty but it all depends on how I feel when I wake up. 

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?  I love that I meet new people and I am making new friends. I love reading awesome product reviews, and about others life experiences.  

4. Name one beauty product that you wish you had. The one product I wish I had right now would be Nars Ita Kabuki Brush. Its $55 USD which is A LOT for just a brush!

5. What shades of lipsticks do you wear most often? I am always wearing my NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Natural. I wear it all day long!

6. What is your favorite makeup trend? I love a nude dewey/glowey look, and my second favorite would be just a normal everyday work look since that’s where I spend most of time. 

7. Blue or green eyeshadow? I am going to go with blue! I have done a blue look before, and actually wore all blue that day go figure LOL

8. What is your least favorite part of applying makeup? Apply my eyeliner because its so tedious!  I haven’t perfected eyeliner yet or doing the cat eye on myself. 

9. Liquid or gel liner?  Both! Hehe

10. Do you wear falsies? If so, which are your favorite(s)?  I wish I wore falsies I don’t know how to apply them I need someone to teach me! LOL Any takers?!

Random Facts About Me:

  1. I always crave guacamole! Its so weird I think its because I just love Mexican food so much!
  2. I have 2 sisters 1 brother, and were all so apart in our ages.
  3. I am  HOME body! I love being home rather then being out in a club with loud music, and annoying drunks LOL
  4. This might be rhetorical to number 3 but I love going out to dance.
  5. I should really go back to college, and get the rest of my degrees.
  6. Sleep over everything that’s it no ifs, ends, or buts!
  7. I choose the pool or the beach any day! NY sand is GROSS!
  8. & apparently this posted before I was ready for it to be posted! LOL

Nominees Questions:

  1. What is your number one go to perfume?
  2. If you can only go with one type of makeup product for the rest of your life and you had to choose between drugstore, or high end what would be your choice?
  3. What are you most proud of with your blog?
  4. Who is your all time inspiration?
  5. What is your next blog post going to be about?
  6. Do you blog on a schedule?
  7. When is your birthday?
  8. Alright serious kiddie question right now coloring book or sticker book?
  9. Favorite fruit?
  10. The one best meal you can cook without having to look at a recipe book or anything?

My Nominations: I am going to pick my favorite bloggers/people to do this award since I think its really an honor Xo

  1. carmitive
  2. jodi – a brash attitude
  3. Yiraida
  4. Anderson Ever After
  5. Veena
  6. Plus+ Beauty Blog
  7. shayfabs
  8. audreythediyqueen
  9. Polished by Amy
  10. paulettemotzko

I’m sorry if you done this already, but its an awesome award and hope all of you do it! Xo

Love Always,


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15 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award

      1. I think my keyboard did it for me because I didnt press anything LOL Its almost done the finished product coming soon aha

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  1. Congratulations lovely on your much deserved award! ❤ I enjoyed reading your answers. I am more of a home body too and I love the NYX gloss in Natural as well. Thank you so much for the nomination! I already have pre-scheduled award posts for Sunday so I've decided after that, I am going to take a break from doing awards posts lol. I really appreciate the nomination though! Thank you so much for thinking of me! ❤ 🙂 xo

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