Product Review: Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

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I recently received colored contact lenses from Spooky Eyes which I was so excited to try them out because as a teen I always wanted to get colored contacts, but my mom would never let me get them.  When I seen this opportunity I was not going to let it slip me by because my inner teenage self needed to fulfill this want I had for so long.  For real who never wanted to have a different eye color for a day just to see how different you would look?!  Not only can you change up your eye color for different everyday looks,  but Spooky Eyes is great to complete your spooky Halloween costume.  Spooky Eyes has all different contact styles that range from Zombie all the way to snowman contacts lenses.  The styles, and contacts are so unlimited you can do absolutely anything with them!  For those who are unsure what or who Spooky Eyes is check it out right below:

About Spooky Eyes:

  • Spooky Eyes based in the UK specialise in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Stocking over 500 designs for many different occasions and amazing low prices.  Great to change your eye colour, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to Sparkle and party colours, and some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!

Spooky Eyes contact lenses range from $20 USD all the way up to $30 USD depending on the design you want in the contact, and every order you purchase from them you receive free shipping which is awesome because there coming from so far away depending on where you reside.  These contacts came all the way from the UK, and made it here all the way to the US.  I honestly thought that because shipping took forever that I was never going to get them! I  loved when I first received them that the first thing I saw was on top of the yellow mailing envelope it said “Royal Mail”.  I have never received mail from anywhere else but the US so this was really exciting for me!


The box that the contact comes in is a cute little blue, and white box that says “Dream Eyes” on it.

Check out the “Royal Mail” in the background! 😍


The packaging for the colored contacts.  As you can see these are made in Korea, and the shelf life is 12 months.


The colored contacts that I received are the Aqua Glamour Contact Lenses they retail for a low price of only $23.95 USD with FREE SHIPPING. Come on now who doesn’t LOVE free shipping? I know I do!

Details & Specifications on the Aqua Glamour Contact Lenses:

  • Create a dazzling look with Aqua Glamour contact lenses. These incredible contacts shine with jewel-bright blue tones within a defined black circle, perfect for making a statement.  Glamour Contact Lenses combine a vivid 3 tone design with a defined black outer circle. This makes the colors really pop and creates a bigger, more glamorous eye.
    – Sold as a pair of lenses
    – Beautiful colored designs for dark and light eyes
    – Exceptional full day comfort
    – 3 month life span once opened

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.50.45 PM


Now never ever wearing contacts or having a clue to put on contacts was a challenge.  I had no clue to what I was doing even with the directions right in front of me I was still a lost soul!!


Directions on the inside of the box once ripped open.

Thank god my little 17 year old sister was here who wears contacts on a regular basis who basically had to teach me to put the contacts in, and to take them out of my eyes when ready.

Now onto the REVIEW:

Once they were FINALLY in my eyes they were the most uncomfrtable things to ever wear.  I want to say the uncomfortableness of these contacts comes from the contact lenses being WAY TO LARGE for the eye itself.  it says on the packaging one size fits all but I doubt Im supposed to see the brown in my eyes in the blue contacts themselves as you can see below.



Please disregard the crazy brows, thanks! 😉


Don’t get me wrong the color was absolutely beautiful, but now I know blue eyes is NOT the color for me LOL.  After wearing them for a few minutes my eyes started to get blurry, and even more uncomfortable.  At the time I was wearing them I had to take my sister home, and knew I had to take them out to be able to drive.  I was so taken back by all of this because on their website it clearly states “Exceptional full day comfort” which is total BOGUS at least for my own eyes.  I couldn’t go 5 minutes without being in some sort of discomfort.

What really stood out to me was the life once the contacts are out of their packing they last about 3 months with the proper contact care.  So if your into contacts, and you don’t have the issues I have then I would totally recommend them because you can wear them as many times as you would like for 3 full months.  Don’t have the tools to take proper care of your Spooky Eyes? Well don’t worry because on their website they sell all the tools, and care kits you need to give them the 3 month life they deserve LOL

Pros of Spooky Eyes:

  • The cool colors they have
  • The cool designs they offer
  • Free Shipping
  • They sell everything you need in one place
  • There priced really well

Cons of Spooky Eyes:

  • Discomfort if you have never wore contacts
  • The challenge putting them in if you never wore contacts
  • The lenses are a lot larger then the average eye ball
  • You can still see the color of your own eye

I have more pros then cons so I would totally be up to giving Spooky Eyes a second chance once they get the size of the contact lenses correct because thats what really ruined it for me unfortunately.  But everyone is going to be different so I highly recommend it for everyone to try it out especially during the holiday time!

Disclaimer: Spooky Eyes sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own. Thank you.

Love Always,


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      1. Uh oh why did it delete that’s so weird? For me they weren’t comfortable because I never wore contacts before but everyone’s experience is going to be totally different =)


      1. Well Halloween will mean I am living back in Michigan again! Yay! I have a bunch of cute fall/Halloween decorations too lol. I am just counting down the last couple of months! 🙂

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      2. Lol YES! I hate Vegas! It’s a fun place to visit and all and yes lots of cool things to do and see but actually living here with a bunch of tourists isn’t too fun. Plus I don’t know anyone here except for my bf that I live with lol. I miss my family and friends. ❤

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      3. It was cool at first but it gets lonely lol. I moved here because of my bf’s work. His company is contracted with some banks out here and my bf does IT so they wanted to send him out here to be here physically. He will just go back to working and doing what he was doing for his company in Michigan, so no big deal. I just wish his job didn’t do everything so last minute. Would be nice to know where in Michigan I will be living ahead of time lol. The dry heat is better though. I will admit that but it does get pretty hot!! lol

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      4. AWH that is still so awesome though! At least when you move you’ll be in the state of Michigan and be somewhat closer to family, and friends. I tell you that is the only reason why I love Vegas no mosquitoes LOL

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      5. True! There aren’t any mosquitoes. Those can be the worst! But yes I will be so glad to be back near people I know lol!


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