Fun Filled Weekend Recap

Hi Beauty’s! How’s your Tuesday going loves?!

As I type right now I’m sitting on my boyfriends family boat watching my boyfriend repair it! So I thought what a great time to write a post on our fun filled weekend that just passed! 😀

By the way totally doing this on my phone.  Writing a full post on my phone. This is my first doing a full length post so wish me luck! 😂 

This weekend my boyfriend needed to fly down to Georgia, the Peach state of course to buy himself a new truck! I know why couldn’t he just buy one in NY it’s so much more convenient!!  But he’s a man and nothing is ever easy with the lovely men in our lives LOL I still love you though honey! 😁😘.  The reason why we went to Georgia is because this was the only dealership that had the color he wanted with all specific features he was looking for in the truck, plus I want to think he got a good price for it too.

The only reason why I was in for this trip is because I have been dying to try Chick-Fil-A! And of course to spend time with him since we had a 12 hour drive home from Georgia 😎

We flew early Saturday morning roughly around 5AM our flight took off from Newark International Airport all the way to August, Georgia.  Because the airport we were flying into in Augusta was so small we had to take 2 planes! So from Newark to went to Charlotte, and had to get on this small rinky dinky plane 😑

Newark New Jersey boys & girls!

This was another first for me, for both of us. We sat in the very last row on this small 38 seater plane right across from the bathroom.  Thank goodness it was only a 30 minute flight,  because no one was going to shitting on this flight I’ll tell you that right now! LOL 😈

Intermission: I need bug spray it is so humid I am getting attacked by little tiny white nat looking buggies, ugh! 

& im back!

So we finally got to Augusta and it was so beautiful! It was so very hot too like you wouldn’t even believe!  My boyfriend finally got his truck!

Sexy I know! After we left the dealership we went right for Chick-Fil-A and it was the best chicken tenders I have ever aten 😃

We got on the road, and started our long 12 hour journey all the way back to Brooklyn New York.

Along the way we made some cool pit stops! It has been a while since I’ve been South Of The Border, and we had some good laughs there when we made a stop, and took some awesome pictures!

Well that was fun & I got a cool South Of The Border Key Chain from it & some great memories with the man 😍

While back on the road it hit me like a ton of bricks!

I remembered! There is NO Krispy Kreme in New York so we HAD to make a pit stop!  I found the nearest Krispy Kreme and it turned out to be the doughnut factory!  Police man heaven, duhh! LOL 😂😂

This was the amazing turn out!

Those doughnuts were the most amazing doughnuts I have ever aten! Krispy Kreme if you can see this please open up in Brooklyn, thanks!

After a long ass drive home getting home 3AM & I had work the next day 😒 I would say it was all well worth it!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend post 😙😙

Love always,


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15 thoughts on “Fun Filled Weekend Recap

    1. I LOVE how they were fresh out of the fryer so hot, and so fluffy! And that makes sense to why they had the birthday cake doughnut out! PS that one was totally my favorite!

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