BeginnerBeaute Revamp!

Hi Lovebugs!!

Want to know how I spent my weekend?!

Giving my Blog, Twitter page, and YouTube channel (When I get home later for YouTube) a total revamp of course!

As much as I LOVE pink I feel like the color was getting a little old. I wanted something more sleek, I wanted to have my real name there too to represent my blog and, yet still fun!

Lets reminisce…


The old blog page


The old YouTube Channel Page/Twitter

Unfortunately I didn’t have a twitter picture before I changed it, but its the same!

Whose ready to see the new BeginnerBeaute?


The new Blog page, WOOHOO!


The new Twitter page!!

& YouTube coming later!

Dont forget to subscribe to all these pages & please let me know what you lovely’s think! I would LOVE your feedback please & thank you XO

Love always,


Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | BLOGLOVIN’


27 thoughts on “BeginnerBeaute Revamp!

    1. I already followed you back my lovely! Whenever someone follows I make sure to follow back because its the right thing to do! & I would love to be one of your blogger of the week Xo =)

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