Product Review: Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème in Linen Glow

Hi my loves!!

I have another amazing product that I am so ready to review, and share with the world, and you guys!!!  This product is great for beginner beauty queens out there who are just getting into makeup.  This is an awesome startup product before jumping right into foundation. I bought this on TopHatter.Com a few months ago, and I have been using it A LOT to be able to provide a fair review on this product.  Lets just say I am LOVING it, and how it makes my skin look FLAWLESS! Lets take a look into this product a little bit more!

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème Complete Coverage Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen:

What it is: Achieve flawless looking skin with 5-in-1 benefits. Even skin tone and banish the appearance of imperfections with this complete coverage Beauty Balm. Air Buffed BB Crème includes a snap-in-place Air-Buff Brush specifically created with our cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair to blend this lightweight formulation into flawless looking skin.
  • Air Buffed BB Crème is where skincare and makeup meet. The cream-to-powder formula provides long-lasting, complete (and buildable) coverage with 5-in-1 benefits.

  • Treats, perfects, mattifies, primes, protects with SPF 20.

  • Sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.


Not only does this BB Creme come with SPF in it for those super sunny days, but it also mattifies your skin so you don’t look like an oily mess throughout the day.  What I love about it is that its a build able BB creme depending on how much coverage you want for your skin.  Light coverage all the way to full coverage without feeling cakey 🎂🍰 It doesn’t get better than that! This cute brush is made out of teddy bear hair so it did not harm any animals in the making.

This BB Creme makes your skin so flawless with still looking totally natural, and it lasts ALL DAY.  To blend this super well I use my DRY beauty blender with, and it works like a charm!


Where the arrow is you can see this is where I applied the BB Creme to my hand.


What it looks like after the BB Creme is blended, again where the arrow is pointing

What also excites me about this product is that it is so small, and can totally fit in your pocket book/purse. Whether you are on the go or just throughout the day if you feel the need to do some touch ups on your face (Which NEVER happens people with this BB Creme!) 


I am loving this product, and totally recommend everyone to go out, and buy this product!

Color choices for this BB Creme:

  • Cream Glow
  • Linen Glow (The color I have)
  • Nude Glow
  • Snow Glow
  • Vanilla Glow

Like I said earlier I bought this product off of TopHatter.Com, and I know Too Faced no longer sells this product on their website.  I did recently go into my local Nordstrom Rack, and seen it there for a discount with a few different colors available.  If you don’t have a Nordstrom Rack closes to you here are some other options to purchase this BB Creme:

I used this BB Creme on Sunday to do my makeup for work! And this is the look I did with this BB creme.

IMG_0966 IMG_0965

My photos were taken on my iPhone Sunday morning, and are unedited.  Doesn’t my skin look FLAWLESS?!  Like I said I totally recommend this product, and everyone should get their paws on it because its amazing, and makes your skin looked air brushed after is it applied!!!

Hope you liked my review baby dolls! Have you used this product? Do you like it? I would love your feedback in the comments below! XO

Love Always,


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21 thoughts on “Product Review: Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème in Linen Glow

    1. I found it on tophatter but there still selling it in Macy’s, and Nordstrom Rack! I am definitely going to buying more XO


      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 I will try to get on those questions very soon! I just have been so exhausted lately. I will try to have a look at them this evening. I really need to answer back some way overdue emails! Xo

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      2. Okay! Well I am going to make a point of getting my emails replied to by this weekend! I think I am going to reply to emails before I do anymore blog post reading and then it will get done! lol. xo

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