August Empties:| The Video ❤️💔

Hi Beauty Babes!

Here is my latest YouTube video of my Favorite Wills & Wont’s for August 2015! Check it out below 

Love always,


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11 thoughts on “August Empties:| The Video ❤️💔

      1. Im pretty proud of myself right now haha! Oh boy I haven’t worked a Monday in forever so Im in for interesting Mondays once I start this new job next week LOL but luckily for me this Monday is a holiday, and I start Tuesday.

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      2. haha tell me about I can only imagine what Im in for & I start Tuesday =) Im barely going to be on this thing, and it really sucks depending on how much work takes over my life LOL

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      3. You will definitely have your hands full! There’s an excellent book called Free Gift With Purchase by Jean Godfrey-June. (Ex editor for Elle)
        Seriously a fantastic read & it might come in very helpful at work. Dave Lackie ah…I’ve forgotten who’s blog I’m writing on! Mine or yours? LOL!!! Yours. Anyway Dave sent me the book and I cannot recommend it enough to read. Plus it’s lol funny.


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