Interview That Blogger With Samantha From Spring Summer Sam

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I know I have been MIA this whole week due to my new job which has been awesome so far, but it does suck waking up so early now a days.  Even though Ive been slacking I was NOT going to miss this weeks interview, and I shouldn’t be making up excuses or justifying my actions it is what it is LOL.  So here is another Interview That Blogger with Samantha from Spring Summer Sam! 🎉🎊🎉🎊  For those who don’t know Sam she is a fellow beauty/makeup lover like most of here, and to know more about her read her interview, and check out her blog 😀

1- Let’s start off by getting to know you! Tell me about yourself:
  • Hi! My name is Sam and I am a beauty blogger from – well – a couple of different places. I currently live in Los Angeles and I love this city so much. I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to move away from home and live in a different place to try it at least once! Besides blogging, I also love cooking, baking, reading, and playing video games. I’m currently reading through the Game of Thrones books, and I have a recipe in mind for homemade ice cream that will be on my blog soon 🙂
2- Tell us about your blog, and what it’s all about?
  • Spring Summer Sam is a beauty blog that I post to twice a week – every Tuesday and Friday. I first became obsessed with makeup after – you guessed it – watching tons and tons of YouTube videos, and I found that I couldn’t find many beauty gurus who looked like me. So I started my blog with the hope that it would become a resource for women of color who love makeup as much as me. I also post the occasional recipe on my blog and they almost always involve chocolate, which is my religion.
3- What inspired you to start blogging?
  • My blog has lived many different lives. I originally started my blog as a way for me to track my exercise routine and weight loss progress, but it eventually blossomed into this really awesome thing that allows me to show off my different interests. I’ve blogged about books, makeup, food, and fasting. Now I am trying to keep my blog more focused on makeup – but the occasional fun, random post will be thrown in there sometimes too!
4- How long have you been blogging for?
  • I started my blog in late 2013, but only really started taking it more seriously in the last year or so.
5- If you’re not blogging what else interests you?
  • When I’m not blogging I’m probably thinking about blogging or planning out my next Sephora haul. In the last few months I’ve become more dedicated to health and fitness so I love to go jogging and do yoga almost every day. But my blog spawned from my love for writing – I’ve always wanted to be an author, and in fact I am currently writing a novel! I’ve written a few novels in the past for practice, and now I’m really excited about the possibly of being a published author someday.
6- What tips can you give for fellow beginner bloggers?
  • Write about what interests YOU – but if you want to take blogging more seriously know what your audience wants to read, too. Your blog should talk about something that someone out there wants to know about. But don’t be a sell out. If you’re genuinely passionate about your subject, people will take notice and naturally start flocking to your blog.
7- What are your three favorite go to beauty products?
– Milani baked blushes
– Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
– The Beauty Blender
8- Do you have any favorite YouTubers or bloggers here on WordPress?
  • I have so many favorite bloggers, and there is definitely not enough room to list them all! Off the top of my head, some of my favorite YouTubers are Jackie Aina, Tati, Carli Bybel, Nikki Tutorials and Beauty Crush. Some of my favorite fellow bloggers are Hello Kaily, Diana’s Adventures, and Carylalmelor.
9- Where do you see your blog in 12 months from now?
  • In 12 months I hope I can expand my blog to include more fashion and lifestyle content. I love beauty – but I love other things, too!
10- Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes? (Birchbox, Ipsy, ETC)
  • Unfortunately I’m not subscribed to anything (does this mean I’m going to be kicked out of a club, or something?) But I am actually really interested in subscribing to food related boxes like Candy Club and Treatsie 🙂 Has anyone here tried them out before? Let me know!

I hope everyone enjoyed Spring Summer Sam’s interview! Everyone needs to go follow her, and read her awesome blog! If you would like to be apart of Interview That Blogger please email us at
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10 thoughts on “Interview That Blogger With Samantha From Spring Summer Sam

  1. Fun interview! Sam, I’ve tried Treatsie and my box showed up with all the chocolate melted 😦 You might not have this issue since you don’t live in FL like I do but I wasn’t impressed. I do subscribe to Love with Food and Nature box which are both great if you want to try healthier snacks!

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