Interview That Blogger With Carmen from Carmitive

Hi everyone!
We are back with Interview that Blogger, woohoo! I know its been a while since we did one of these, and we will definitely have it every Monday only if more people want to participate.  If you are interested please email me at
This weeks blogger is one of my favorites! Carmen from Carmitive not only is she is the sweetest, and stylish fashionista blogger I know, but she also has an amazing blog. One of my personal favorites actually so if you never heard of her this is your chance to meet her, and follow her 😍😍 Lets get this party started 🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉

1- Let’s start off by getting to know you! Tell me about yourself: 
  • Hi there :), my name is Carmen and I’m from Switzerland. I’ve just started blogging this summer and I absolutely enjoy it! I’m passionate about fashion and I love to spread my ideas of styling and lifestyle. I think it’s very important to always keep true to oneself and stay unique.
2- Tell us about your blog, and what it’s all about? 
  • Basically my blog is about fashion. I share my looks to give inspiration to others and I show where I get my inspiration from. Actually, it’s not my aim to only show how I dress and what I like. I want to point out how important it is to feel good in your clothes and not just follow each trend. Therefore, I think you shouldn’t just copy your favorite celebrity but you should find your own style in which you feel comfortable and confident. An outfit is so much more than just matching some clothes together. It shows your attitude and your mood as well. 
On my blog you can also find stories of my travels and all the different places I’ve been to. 
3- What inspired you to start blogging? 
  • Well, I’ve always been inspired by Kristina Bazan who is also from Switzerland. I admire her for how she became such a influential person in the blogging and fashion business just with doing what she loved. It has always been my dream to do something with fashion – blogging gives me the chance to make this dream come true. That’s also why my motto is ‚Make your miracle happen‘. 
4- How long have you been blogging for? 
  • I’ve just started blogging this summer. I’m still trying out all the different possibilities of writing and shooting pictures. But I’m ready for new experiences. 🙂
5- If you’re not blogging what else interests you? 
  • Well, I love sports. I’ve been doing ballet and ice skating when I was a kid and I still love dancing. I also discovered my love for pilates and yoga. I think it’s great how both activities can clear your mind while exercising and getting long and lean muscles. Obviously, I also love to do something with my family and my friends. They mean very much to me and I think good memories are extremely precious.  
6- What tips can you give for fellow beginner bloggers? 
  • I’d say just write about what you like and show your real personality. Don’t be a person of who you think could be liked by others – just be yourself. 
7- What are your three favorite go to beauty products? 
  • Uuh that’s a good question! Actually, I always try out new things. But those three products which are my absolute musts are the following:
  1. 1. Mac Shaping Powder (
  2. At least one baby lips moisturizing lip balm – I think, I’ve it in almost every color! 🙂 (
  3. Last but not least – What would our lives be without a good mascara? Well, as I said I always try out new products but at the moment I’m using the ‘One and Million Lashes Mascara’ from L’Oreal Paris. (
8- Do you have any favorite YouTubers or bloggers here on WordPress? 
  • For YouTubers I think Sara Ellen is one of my favorites. She’s so funny and inspirational in what she does. For Bloggers it’s really difficult to say actually. There are sooo many great ones out there. Apart from the big blogs like ‚The Blonde Salad‘, ‚Gal meets Glam‘ or ‚Career Girl Daily‘ I really like to discover new blogs. I think it’s so important that all new bloggers support each other. One of my most recent discoveries is Leonie Klara from Germany with her blog ‚All is Pretty‘. Antother blog which I really like is ‚The Fashion Fraction‘, she’s also from Switzerland and I love her posts!
9- Where do you see your blog in 12 months from now?
  • Well, I hope that I’ll have some more readers in one year to inspire them with my style, my thoughts and experiences. I’d also like to change my layout a bit that it gets more appealing :).
10- Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes? (Birchbox, Ipsy, ETC) 
  • No, I’m not 🙂

Doesn’t she have awesome answers?! Like I said she is pretty awesome so everyone needs to go check out her blog! And a big thank you to Carmen for taking part of Interview that Blogger it means a lot 😘.  If you would like to take part of this weekly posting please email at
Love always,

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