Hair-O-Scopes? Say what?!

Good morning my pumpkins!!  Hope everyone has a beautiful Tuesday 😘

I am super big on reading my horoscope daily I feel like about 95% of the time my horoscope is oddly accurate, and it always freaks me out! Like who doesn’t want to know how there day is going to go or if your love life is going down the whole?! But I LOVE it, and can’t stop reading it everyday.

I recently came across this website called  Madison-Reed.Com a hair care company that created a hair-o-scope page under their blog!😁 (YES, to the stars!). I immediately knew I had to write a blog post on this because of my love for regular horoscopes, but now your going to give me one on my hair?!  That’s it my day has been made!

It would be good to know when us Capricorns are going to have a bad hair day, or even a whole bad hair year 🙈(Imagine?!). From the time you wake up and do your hair you already know if your going to have a good day or not. Is your hair cooperating with you? If so your bound to have an amazing day. Hair looks like your straight out of the jungle book even after you tamed it the FIRST time? Then you should know you need to just stay home because this day isn’t going to go your way.

None the less I was pretty excited to check what my hair-O-scope had to say about my hair, and what would work best for it.  Since I am a Capricorn this is what my hair-O-scope had to say about my hair:

 Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.30.08 PM

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Can we just call you CEO Capricorn? You’ve been known to be a perfectionist with every single hair staying in place (how do you do that?), and people often look to you for guidance and leadership. As driven as you are, family always comes first, and you’ll always make time to braid your niece’s hair.

To help you stay fearless, get your hands on hair color that adds depth and dimension, whether you’re brunette, blonde, or auburn. Use your determination and grow those locks long. Your office strut will be that much more powerful. Or, try something new and unexpected with an asymmetrical bob… just try to resist trimming it back to even layers at home. 

Once again it’s crazy how the stars are oddly right! For one I do work a really huge corporation in Manhattan, and I am 100% a perfectionist when it comes to my work. (Scary isn’t it?!). I’ve always had long hair up until a few weeks ago I cut it up to my shoulders in length, and one side is a bit longer then the other. I love how it nails smooth and under control right on the head.  That’s how I love my hair smooth, straight, and under control (PS which never happens in the summer). Now that winter is right around the corner this is when my hair is the best, and I can style it anyway I want with it staying put.  I couldn’t be more happy with this hair-O-scope, and still freaked out because it oddly matches me, and my hair personality to a tee.

I also came across something really cool on this website.  If your thinking about changing your hair color you should check out this cool quiz on Madison Reed’s website.  It only asks 8 quick questions, and it finds your perfect hair color 💇🏻.  These are the hair colors I got when I took this quiz.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.35.03 PM
How awesome is that?! I think everyone should check out there hair-O-scope, and go take that quiz on your future potential hair color! Don’t forget to tell me if your Hair-O-Scope was accurate to your sign below! 😘



Love Always,

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