Ulta’s 12 Days of Beauty: Day 6 🎄☃🎁❤️

Hi pumpkin pies! 😍

Today is the halfway mark of our 12 days of beauty 😒 I can’t believe I’ve opened 6 boxes already! Seriously where has the time WENT?! 

Out of all the days I opened so far day 6 is my FAVORITEEEE!!!!😁😁😁. And I can’t wait to show you guys, YAY!


On the 6th day of Beauty Ulta gave to me..

6- 1 Champagne Colored Eye Primer!

5- 1 Bronzer!

4- 1 Glitter Eye Top Coat!

3- One light pink little blush! 

2- One Beauty Balm!

1- One Mascara Primer!

First off WOW! I’ve never seen a colored eye primer because and in champagne no less! WOW WOW WOW!  


 It’s such a gorgeous shimmery Champagne color it’s almost too good to be used as a primer!  This is my favorite item out of the 6 days I’ve opened so far, and I cannot wait to try this out.  I think this is going to be a really amazing base under the eye shadow I wear over it, and I really think this is just going to give me eyes that POP/WOW factor !

Have you used eye primer like this before? Do you love it?! What effect did it give your eyes? Comment down below and let me know ⬇️

Love Always,


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