Interview That Blogger With Rhia From R Cubed ❤️  

Hi Everyone!  Welcome back to my blog 😘  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and I hope everyone is still enjoying this extended long weekend like I am!  Todays post is going to be another Interview That Blogger, and today we have a very special blogger! Ria from R Cubed.  She has an amazing blog with all beauty products, reviews, and she loves subscription boxes just like I am!! If you haven’t read her blog please go check her out, and give her a follow as she is amazing, and so is her blog! ❤️

1- Let’s start off by getting to know you! Tell me about yourself:  

  • Hello! I’m Rhia, a 30-something health care employee from the Bay Area (aka Northern California). I’m also a self-proclaimed food enthusiast and geek. 

2- Tell us about your blog, and what it’s all about?

  • My blog falls in the lifestyle category. Most of my posts are either about food, geek/pop culture, my experiences while traveling, or reviews on beauty products or my current box subscriptions.

3- What inspired you to start blogging?

  • I first got into it during college when friends were all about Xanga and Live Journal. I hopped on the Xanga train and the rest is pretty much history. 

4- How long have you been blogging for?

  • I’ve been doing this on and off for over 10 years on different platforms, but thanks to WordPress and how great the blogging community is here, I’ve become a bit more consistent with posting.

5- If you’re not blogging what else interests you?

  • I love trying out new food places, documenting monthly highlights on Project Life, hanging out with friends, and bingeing on Netflix.

6- What tips can you give for fellow beginner bloggers?

  • Sometimes posts don’t materialize naturally, so it’s OK to draft and revise before publishing.
  • A blog should be an extension of its author. Posting content that genuinely reflects your opinion or interests will help it thrive.
  • Acknowledge feedback! I never initially had the expectation of receiving the amount of followers I have now. I simply liked writing about my interests, and it so happened that my followers and I have a few of them in common. I also noticed that my former blog experiences lacked that communication between myself and my readers. I’ve gained some awesome blogosphere friendships here on WordPress because of that. 

7- What are your three favorite go to beauty products? 

  • Bioderma Micelle Solution – I use their Sebium line, which is great for combination skin.
  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream – I recently started using a travel sized tube of this less than a week ago and absolutely love it. I’ll have to upgrade to full size real soon!
  • Lip gloss – I have a bunch that I try to rotate throughout the week, but my most used brands are NYX and Julep.

8- Do you have any favorite YouTubers or bloggers here on WordPress?

  • Favorite YouTuber – I watch videos from VlogAfterCollege at least once a week. I even get mobile notifications when Ryen posts new ones. Yes, I’m a huge fan of that channel, mainly because of his adorable Corgi, Gatsby.

Favorite Bloggers (These are just a few, and in no particular order):

  • Reasyume ( – She’s also from California. I love reading about her travel adventures.
  • stashmatters ( – This cool Canadian has some entertaining posts in regards to her collection of beauty products. I also have the most interaction with her on WP, so that upgrades her to awesome. Haha!
  • Slice of Apple Cake ( – It’s hard for me not to drool over her posts about Japan, which includes LOTS of food.
  • Hey Bash ( – She’s a young geek and freelance makeup artist from Brunei. Simple and beautiful, which is right up my alley. 

9- Where do you see your blog in 12 months from now?

  • Hopefully with more informative and entertaining content, and possibly a move to a bigger host. Suggestions for that are greatly appreciated. 

10- Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes?

Yep! Here are my current subs:

  • Loot Anime – This is an extension of the Loot Crate subscription that focuses mainly on popular Japanese animated series.
  • Japan Crate – Their boxes contain various Japanese snacks. Nom.
  • Smuggler’s Bounty – The people at Funko put together this bi-monthly box filled with various items from the Star Wars franchise. I’m anxiously awaiting February’s theme, the Resistance. I’m sure there will be something with BB-8 in it. Love that droid!
  • Studio Calico Documenter Kit – The monthly kits I receive contain cards and various add-ons that I can use for putting together my pages for Project Life.


I hope you all enjoyed Rhias interview for everyone who hasn’t seen Rhias’s blog make sure you click HERE, and go check her out!!  If you would like to participate in Interview That Blogger which features every Monday please send me an email at ! Xo

Until next time love bugs!





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