Interview That Blogger With Leanne From All About Leanne❤️ 

Hi lovelies!!

I am so excited for this Interview That Blogger today because one of my first fellow bloggers that I ever met on WordPress is here today to chat!!  Today its all about Leanne from All About Leanne.  She is a beauty, skincare, food, and travel blogger all wrapped in one 😀  If you haven’t seen or blog, or be-friended her you must!!!  But first check out her interview below!


1- Let’s start off by getting to know you! Tell me about yourself: 

  • I’m a 24 year old blogger from Northern California. I’m obsessed with beauty products, especially Korean skin care, and eating.
2- Tell us about your blog, and what it’s all about? 
  • My blog is called All About Leanne, not because I’m narcissistic but because it’s about all of the things that I enjoy in life. It’s a lifestyle blog that features a variety of topics, including beauty, travel, food, and other current interests.
3- What inspired you to start blogging?
  • I wanted to develop my front-end web design skills while publishing information that’s useful to others. I often give my friends travel tips and product recommendations, so why not share those with the world?
4- How long have you been blogging for?
  • I had a Xanga way back when and I started using Tumblr in high school, but I would mostly just reblog things. I’ve had this blog for just about eight months now.
5- If you’re not blogging what else interests you?
  • Oh, so many things! I love cooking and baking. I watch a lot of basketball–Warriors! Lately, I’ve been reading more, and I’ve also gotten into Korean dramas again. I really like shopping, but I’m trying to cut back on that 🙂
6- What tips can you give for fellow beginner bloggers?
  • Don’t worry about followers or trying to maintain a set schedule. Your blog should be a fun outlet, not something to stress out about. Be yourself and talk to other bloggers! The blogging community is great.
7- What are your three favorite go to beauty products?
  • Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water, Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, and Laneige BB cushion are absolute essentials in my beauty arsenal.
8- Do you have any favorite YouTubers or bloggers here on WordPress?
  9- Where do you see your blog in 12 months from now? 
  • I just hope that it will continue to grow and improve 🙂
10- Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes? (Birchbox, Ipsy, ETC)
  • Currently, I’m only subscribed to Julep. I used to have a Birchbox subscription but I cancelled it.


How awesome was that interview?! Is anyone else subscribed to Julep? How do you like it?  Did you subscribe to Leanne’s blog yet?! Well you better do it now because it is a great beauty blog!!  To subscribe, and check out the blog right HERE!! If you would like to participate in Interview That Blogger which features every Monday please send me an email at ! Xo

Until next time love bugs!



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