Blogging Dilemma ❤️💔  

Ladies and gents!

I am seriously stuck between a rock, and a hard place! I need your opinions today on what you guys think I should do! PLEASE XO

I want to change my blog name!  I love Beginner Beaute, but I feel people don’t say the beaute (bee-U-tea) correctly, I also feel like it’s so long to type in if I made it a dotcom, and I personally think it’s a little babyish? I think..  But I’m so afraid that I’ve branded BeginnerBeaute thus far on here, on twitter, on bloglovin that I’m making a HUGE mistake to start over?

What do you guy’s think I should do?!  Before I commit myself to BeginnerBeaute.Com should I change my blog name to something I’m going to LOVE?!

Please let me know below of what do you think I should do! I really need everyone’s help today XO

Until next time love bugs!



29 thoughts on “Blogging Dilemma ❤️💔  

  1. Do whatever feels right for you. I found myself with the same question when I was thinking of rebranding. I felt as though no one could pronounce my blog name, let alone spell my URL. People will follow you if they love your content, regardless of your rebranding and renaming.

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    1. I’ve been searching everywhere and trying to come up with different names and nothing was striking to me as of yet. The name I did want is taken and the URL is unused 😒


    1. I have no idea what I’m going to change it too. What I originally wanted to do is taken but he website isn’t even being used like it should be. I’ve been using domain generators and it’s a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. Xo

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  2. I recently did a whole rebrand of my blog and of course had to change everything on my social media platforms too. It was a lot of work but once it’s done, it’s done! I like your name and don’t see anything wrong with it, but if you’re feeling like this now it’s likely you will want to change it a few months or however long down the line anyway!

    Your name Felicia is so lovely, you could just make everything that?

    You could go to goDaddy and type in a few names just to gain a few ideas and to see what’s available 🙂 Xx

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    1. I have no names in mind 😞 and I feel like nothing goes with Felicia. I have been going though websites and I haven’t found anything that is striking to me as of yet. But I love the words of encouragement Xo


      1. Great! 🙂 I’m not sure how transferring everything over works. But they’ve always been good at giving clear instructions so I hope they can help you. Sorry I can’t be of more use! Xx

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  3. I found myself wondering the same thing a few months ago. I like my old blog name but i didn’t LOVE it. I decided on Bittersweet Beauty and I added the x in because the name wasnt available on IG or wordpress but as BittersweetxBeauty, it is.
    I like your blog name but if you don’t love it then you should change it.
    Personally, i came up with my blog name from a song title (song is Bittersweet Sound by Mike Naran lol). I just dropped sound and replaced it with Beauty. I think you can get a lot of ideas from looking at song titles and finding something that fits.

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