Tester Tuesday: DONT Buy Guide

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This is rare that I ever do one of these posts but today was a MUST after this experience!!!

This weekend I had the opportunity to get my hands on one of Sephora’s new eyeliners from the Sephora Collection which I was so excited, and thrilled about up until I tried it!  Im not going to keep you guys waiting on which eyeliner it is so lets do this!

I purchased Sephoras new Cushion Glossy Eyeliner as you can see down below:

The eyeliner itself comes in a cute little pot, and has the sponge right on the inside and comes with the brush applicator so you can easily dip your brush into the sponge for easy application.

Sephora states:

What it is:
A glossy, liquid eyeliner that is dispensed through an innovative cushion-like sponge paired with the must-have Angled Liner Brush #90.

What it does:
This unique cushion-like dispensing system allows the included brush to become fully saturated in rich, pigmented color for the smoothest, most even, and most precise application.


Let’s just say this product is nothing like what it seems.  I think I bought this product for the love of the creativeness that’s on this smudge pot 🙈  If you use to little product the brush doesn’t move, if you use to much your face is just going to look like a hot mess.  I’ve experienced both.  The brush was not soft at all and made it almost impossible to glide smoothly across your eye line.  After looking like a raccoon I threw in the towel, washed the brush, packed it back up and returned it back to Sephora this morning.  I really wanted to love this eyeliner just because I needed a new eyeliner that was going to help me achieve a thin line.  As of today the hunt continues and this product is NOT it! So steer clear people don’t waste your money!  But if you want it give it a go this product retails for $18 USD and you can purchase it in your local Sephora or online. Goodluck loves ✌🏼️😘


5 thoughts on “Tester Tuesday: DONT Buy Guide

  1. Thanks for sharing! That’s too bad! The e.l.f cream liner is pretty good although I like their liquid one better for thin lines. I just bought the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet glide-on pencil. Its supposed to be pretty good, but I’ll have to test it out and see…


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