Self Hosting?! Help!

Hi All ❤️

Im looking to self host with Go Daddy but I don’t know if  I should choose WordPress hosting or web hosting through them?

I want to be able to keep my feed come through the WordPress readers feed.  How do I do that?

Would I be able to have my own advertisement banners on my page if I go through Go Daddys WordPress hosting?

If anyone knows how this works please reach out to me!



19 thoughts on “Self Hosting?! Help!

  1. I use Dreamhost for my writing blog, and they have a one-click install for WordPress. You can simply export your blog from the free platform and import it to the self hosted platform, but I don’t know if there’s a way to maintain the feed as that is for free sites, not self hosted.

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  2. been going back and forth between Gatorhost or BlueHost.. I guess I might do BlueHost since they are connected with WP but I cannot wait to hear what you’ll end up picking too..

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      1. maybe it’s because you’re not under WP anymore? but when I click the original post then I can go to your page through there.

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    1. I became self hosted after a year of blogging so a few months ago! Honestly I wish I never jumped into as fast as I did because theres SOOO much work & money that goes into it I definitely jumped the gun too fast, and could of waited A LOT longer!

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