Officially MascaraintheCity.COM!

Hello Beauty’s!!

I have took the plunge and I have become self hosted over this weekend! It was one of the scariest yet exliariating moments of my blogging history!  I have decided to self host with GoDaddy this past weekend and let’s just say it was complicated to transfer everything over! Way to complicated for little old me so Felicia had to go and HIRE someone! Yes! I hired someone to do my complete transfer!

I went on and hired myself a web designer to do eveyrthing I couldn’t because I was a LOST soul when it comes to all this stuff!  Lucky for me I did NOT spend an arm and a leg because it’s a bidding site where people bid on the work you need done and you pay the price you want to pay!  I winded up only paying $100 USD for something that could of easily cost me $300-$400.  Within two days BAM I was self hosted and back to the original Mascara in the City.

For those who have not checked out my DOTCOM definitely need to go do so now! MascaraintheCity.Com!! 


Love Always,

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