The Fe-Male Beauty Review.

Hello readers!! 😊

I got some new & exciting news!!!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and all I do is review girl products, makeup products, and women’s skincare, everything girly basically.  I have decided that I am going to start reviewing products for men as well! Why not right?!  I would love to see just as many men read my blog as I have ladies that read it!  It should be fun, and I’m excited for this new chapter of Mascara in the City!  There’s SOOOO many manly products out there that need reviewing and someone needs to do it so why not a chick?!  Don’t worry ladies I will still be reviewing lady products as well too!


It took me forever to come up with this name but I found this one fun because I’m female reviewing men’s beauty products LOL so I hope you men out there like this name!  First review to come so soon!


Believe me there are so many amazing men products out there that I can’t wait to try and share with you guys!!  I am obsessed with Jack Black which is basically all men products that they sell right in Sephora! (Yes! I’m a girl that uses men products BIG DEAL!)  Plus there’s so much more like DUDE WIPES! A definite review to come soon on those LOL!

shopping (2).jpg

Besides reviews Ill be doing posts on beauty tips for men, reviews on cool gadgets and gizmos for out guys, and maybe even fashion too!!  Ill share what I know from what my boyfriend does, and maybe even include him on some of the posts if we wants to help and give tips!

Thank you all for the amazing continued support!! If you have any product requests or something you’d like to see LADIES & GENTS please comment below! Xo

Until next time!
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