Girls Guide: Chocolate Spa at Hotel Hershey Review 🍫

5/18/2016: UPDATE DOWN BELOW ⬇️

YES it’s all about  CHOCOLATE today!!!! 😁😊❤️👌🏼

About a month ago I had the most amazing opportunity to take a trip to chocolate town and get chocolate scrubbed by the chocolate people. YES I am talking about the Chocolate Spa at the Hershey Hotel in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  And lets just say it was AMAZING!  It was a last minute spur of the moment trip that was planned with 4 other girlfriends of mine.😊

Thankfully Hershey is a quick 3 hour drive from NYC so its makes the perfect destination for a short weekend trip!  As we did book last minute we were able to get all the treatments we wanted spread over two days Saturday & Sunday.  Apparently you are supposed to book spa appointments 3-6 months in advance, but lets just say we got LUCKY!

((BTW we did NOT stay on Hershey Property because it was SUPER expensive for this weekend!))

We all basically got the same spa treatments but because most the appointments were booked we were VERY spread out with treatments ranging from 9AM -415PM it was a long, but relaxing day!  Checkout below a few of the same treatments we did when we were there.  Once your through those spa doors the spa does have different types of rooms you can hangout in while you wait for your treatments (YES they do come looking for you if your in these designated areas waiting) there are 4 rooms and they are:

  1. The quiet room– Shh, absolutely no talking.
  2. The whisper room– I think you get the hint.
  3. The aromatherapy room– A different smell each day! While we were there Saturday was lemon grass& Sunday was this sweet amazing smell that no one told us the name of.
  4. Ground floor– Near the Oasis lunch there’s a lot of different places to wait and even outside if it’s nice enough out.

Since we had a lot of time in between treatments they did let you use the inside pool/jacuzzi facility which was awesome to kill time.


The massage was AMAZING! The chocolate bath was delicious! And all I wanted to do was lick myself after I was done with the chocolate sugar scrub.  Check out the rest of my adventures at the Hershey Spa below with review to follow!

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Considering the spa made at least $2000 between the 5 of us if not more the spa oasis buffet could have been a lot better.  They gave us just salads, old wraps, and tuna that’s been sitting out for god knows how long.  We did have the last sitting of lunch at like 3PM and the food we seen earlier that was on the buffet was much different.  We were starving being there all day and the food they provided was not sufficient.  We complained to management and he was so NASTY and didn’t want to refund the $25 per person we paid for lunch.  We winded up fighting with them Saturday over this which was horrible, but thankfully it was the end of the day anyway.  Sunday we learned our lesson canceled our lunch and ate pool side where I munched on a Avocado BLT for half the price of overpriced buffet lunch. So people steer CLEAR of that Oasis lunch they try suckering you into if you do plan on going to the Hershey Spa.  The  poolside grill is awesome anyway you eat right by the pool and they come like room service.

Overall I had an amazing time and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!! I will say this did not ruin my experience of coming here again, and my second trip is already booked for the end of this month to celebrate my boyfriend’s early birthday.  I am surprising him with a relaxing spa trip because he’s hard working always doing manual labor at work so his body definitely needs the deep tissue massage I booked for him.  This time I’m going from a Monday –Wednesday which makes the spa treatments a little more affordable and staying on Hershey property at the Hershey Lodge which is a short ride away.  The hotel this time around was way too expensive to stay at so I’m excited to be staying at the lodge this time around.

I do recommend everyone to try this Chocolate experience at least once in your life.  How many times can you say you took a chocolate bath at Hershey?! If you want to check out their spa click the link below!


Update 5/18/2016:

I forgot to add in here that I did buy Hershey Soa products when I was there and I will be posting them soon!  I bought three amazing chocolate spa products while I was there:

  1. Hershey Spa Chocolate Chapstick Retails for $3.50 USD – Smells just like chocolate and makes my lips soooo soft!
  2. Hershey Spa Chocolate Massage Oil Retails for $20 USD- Now I know what your thinking and NO it’s not dark. Town and sticky like chocolate.  It’s cocoa seed essence oil and I got this out all over my body when I went for a massage. It made my skin feel so soft and I smelled so yummy I had to buy it! Plus it’s a nice size bottle and it will last forever, at least for myself!
  3. Hershey Spa Chocolate Lotion Retails for $20 USD-  Another product that was used on me after my chocolate sugar scrub and it’s amazing!  It makes your skin so soft and the lotion really moisturizers like NO JOKE! Another unnecessary beauty product that I NEEDED to buy 😇

A review on these bad boys coming soon! It’s going to be in a completely different post!  I also have pictures of the martinis I tried while I was there and the caramel kiss was to die for!  Pictures of that also coming soon!

BTW:  Going to Hershey Spa again in two weeks from today and I will be documenting my whole experience again this time since I’m going with my boyfriend for his birthday and we’re staying on Herhsey property this time at the Hershey Lodge!

I hope you all enjoyed my review! And please let me know if you been here before I would love to hear your experience with the Hershey Spa!  Comment down below & let me know!

Love Always,
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