Happy 1 Year Blogiversary! 🎂🎉❤️

Happy Birthday


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Yes thats correct its been ONE amazing YEAR BLOGGING with you lovely people! I cannot believe its been one whole year, and what a year it has been! My precious blog is one year old today and I am still in shock!  From all different posts, to even changing my blog name from BeginnerBeaute to finally MascaraintheCity.

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I started blogging has a hobby, and I winded up falling in love with every aspect of it!  This blog has brought me to amazing places, and opened up the doors for amazing opportunities.  None the less I was also lucky enough to meet all of you lovely people, make new friends, and share my experiences with beauty products and more in this awesome blogosphere!


To start this year off right here are my top 10 FAVORITE posts!

  1. Girls Guide: Chocolate Spa at Hotel Hershey Review
  2. Colourpop Haul!
  3. Sweet Peach Palette Review & Swatches
  4. Officially MascaraintheCity.COM!
  5. #OOTD
  6. #Artis Oval 7: How I Use My Brush
  7. Homemade Calzone Recipe
  8. Product Review: Artis Oval 7 Brush
  9. Fall Fully Loaded!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s been so supportive of my blog. I really do appreciate every sweet comment and word of encouragement. May there be many more!

Love Always,
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