Lip Addict Lipstick Giveaway Winner!

Hi Beauty’s!!

Today is a great day because today I get to announce who has won my Lip Addict Lipstick Giveaway!  After a long month of waiting and SOOO many entries Im ready to announce a winner, WOOHOO!  I also want to take this time to thank every single person who entered into this giveaway it means so much! I want to thank every single person who continues to read my blog, follow my blog, and who has subscribed to me on YouTube.  THANK YOU! You guys are the reason why I continue to blog everyday!! I just love all your motivation & how you push me forward to be the best & to give you guys the best!!  Just to show you guys how much I appreciate you Im going to try my best to do MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS just as long as I can afford it & Im able to do it each month you guys will get it!  LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Now lets get into whose the lucky winner…….

Drum roll please…….


A HUGE CONGRATS to LJ SEDGWICK for winning my Lip Addict Lipstick Giveaway!  She too has an awesome blog too so please click the link above and make sure you go check her out!!  This is my first giveaway winner whose from the UK & im SO EXCITED!!  Please email me at to claim your prize girl!!


Everyone again THANK YOU SO MUCH for being apart of my world and letting me be apart of yours!! Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing posts + more amazing giveaways soon!

Love Always,
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