#Fashion Under $50 * NEW SERIES!- Week 1

Hi Lovelys!

I recently decided to add a new fashion series to my blog and Im so excited to share it with you guys!  As you can see I decided to join Polyvore which I didnt know existed until today. As a hard working corporate queen with rent + bills (Like any other average working person LOL) Im always looking for affordable styles.  This is my way of sharing those styles with the average women/girl/man because lets be honest Im not Beyonce or rich.  I cant afford all high end brands like Gucci, Burberry, you get my drift, HA!  I also dont feel that Im very fashionable!  When I walk into any clothing store Im immediately overwhelmed. Doing these different affordable fashions is my way of expressing what I would like to wear with potential of even purchasing what I put together!

Dont forget to follow me on Polyvore if you have one!

Outfit #1:


I wanted a cute outfit for work in the summer time or even to just go out on the town!  I choose these items as there all under $50 USD, affordable, and fun looking!  This is where you can find these affordable fashions:


Banana Republic Women Factory Soft Racerback Tank $20


Skinny Elektra Jeans $30


Guessnull White Harlea Cork Wedge Sandal $45


Under One Sky Laser-Cut Metallic Saddle Crossbody Bag $49 


New Look Mid Pink Silicone Strap Contrast Face Watch $17

I hope you enjoyed outfit #1 for week 1!  Everything is super affordable and super cute for everyday + the office!  I will be posting these outfits at least once a week.  If there are any styles you would like to see please let me know because I love outfit inspo!
Love always,
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.13.53 PM

10 thoughts on “#Fashion Under $50 * NEW SERIES!- Week 1

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  2. Pingback: #VIBRouge 😍

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