#VIBRouge 😍

✨ Hey pretty thangs!! ❤️

From the title I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about!  Keep reading 😉

If you didn’t see this past Saturday Sephora and every other beauty site had the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette on SALE for only $27! (Hope everyone was able to get their hands on it!)  Lucky enough for me I was up at 630AM because we were making our way to the Poconos for the weekend.  As soon as I seen the email I knew I had to purchase this palette because it was super cheap & it was the only one I was missing from my naked palette collection.

Not even realizing until I checked out after I spent this $27 I have finally became a Sephora VIB Rouge.  The highest of the high Sephora status & $1K later 🙈 Your all probably thinking I’m crazy!!  This status means that I’ve spent $1000 on makeup in Sephora within one year (OMG I think I have issues haha).  I was so excited I hit this status I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you!

Once you become a VIB Rouge you get a really cool welcome kit!  Every year it’s a different theme/special gift.  This year it’s all about Nars!  You get a VIB Rouge exclusive Nars blush in color Goulue.

Can’t wait to swatch this blush for you guys!

As soon as you click the check out button the welcome kit automatically goes right into your cart.  You can either redeem it in store if you hit VIB Rouge or online like I did 😁

Once you hit Rouge status your benefits automatically triple!  You get handpicked gifts but as a regular VIB I never received anything.  You get custom makeovers whenever you want and not just 1 free makeover when your a VIB.  You get 2 day flash free shipping is automatically included where I paid $10 for it back in November.  Being a VIB Rouge you get a personal hotline to speak with your personal Rouge Concierge.  And lastly we get invitations to exclusive Sephora events!

They sent this cool video to my email that you can watch right below!

Also as a Rouge member they sell beauty products that are for Rouge members only!  How cool is that?! Products that not everyone can get their hands on!

I am thrilled that I came this far!  With a hint of regret spending $1000 USD on makeup but I’m a girl & this is what I love!  Being that I spent so much money on makeup I have a lot of future products to show you guys because I don’t video or write about every single haul I’ve been on.

I promise to share this whole experience with you guys every bit of the way!  To the emails, the invitations and gifts 😁. Have you become a Rouge yet?! I would love to hear all about it so make sure you comment below ⬇️

Sorry if this post doesn’t look like my normal posts!  I’m still in the Poconos and I’m here till Monday afternoon so this whole post was done on my iPhone.

Love always,
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7 thoughts on “#VIBRouge 😍

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  2. Wow! 1K in one year. sounds great but I don’t know how I would feel if I’ll find out that I’ve spent 1K in Sephora..haha I buy beauty products a lot but I’m mostly drugstore fan.. maybe because CVS is just right across my job?LOL. and oh!! your page is looking really lovely.:)


    1. Thank you so much!! Im slowly revamping when finding things I like to add to the page =) I didnt even realize I spent that much thats the crazy thing haha!! 1K goes super fast especially in Sephora because everything is expensive in there anyway LOL. Love CVS by the way! And I love how there finally carrying NYX & ELF.


      1. I know me too!! Everytime I go look for NYX in my local CVS there always half full like they never replenish them lol lucky for me though they just opened a NYX store 5 minutes away from my house! Super dangerous 🙈🙈


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