August’s #SephoraPlay | The Eye Openers 👀


Its finally the first day of the weekend & I am so ready to get it started!!  To get this party started early I figured I would show you guys what I received in my Sephora Play for August.  This box is always the LAST box to come every month which is really annoying but   hey at least I’m finally off the waiting list!  If you aren’t sure what Sephora Play is its a monthly beauty subscription box straight from Sephora thats $10 a month.  You receive 5-6 deluxe samples of beauty products + 1 fragrance sample.  If your thinking about signing up don’t forget you do need to wait on a waiting list to get this box.

This months box wasn’t that bad but in all honesty Im thinking about canceling because any of these products that I get I can go to a Sephora store & just ask for a sample of it.  Im going to wait one more month & make my final decision.  So September better be GOOD!

This months theme is the “Eye Openers”

I am obsessed with the bags they give us every month! How adorable!!


Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer $55 USD

  • An energizing antioxidant liquid moisturizer that refreshes, protects, and hydrates tired skin for an instant dewy glow. 

I have yet had the opportunity to try this out but I am all for something that gives me a natural dewy glow!  So I will be trying this shortly and Ill make sure to report back to you guys to determine if its a love or hate product.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara $22 USD

  • An ultracreamy, lengthening, and volumizing mascara for stand-out lashes.

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this mascara and I cannot wait to use it!  I have little to no lashes so maybe this product will give me some hope LOL plus $22 is nothing compared to other brands like Benefit + Marc Jacobs.

CLEAN Reserve Warm Cotton $90 USD

  • Reserve Blend Warm Cotton is for those who currently love Warm Cotton or anyone who prefers to smell quintessentially clean. The fragrance envelops you in pure freshness that’s bright and comfortable. Its essence lies in the irresistible freshness of translucent florals and the soft feel of skin-loving musks for the ultimate feeling of luxurious comfort. 

I am LOVING this perfume!! I love that its so light + fresh smelling, but $90 is a lot of money to smell like clean laundry.  If you wanted to smell like this perfume just wash your clothes its cheaper 😉

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm $68 USD

  • Complete Eye Renewal Balm is truly a multitasking product designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, soothe, and nourish the skin around the eye area. This rich cream diminishes the appearance of signs of aging around the eyes as well as the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Alguronic Acid combined with vitamin C, caffeine, cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts help nourish and hydrate the eye area for a recharged and rejuvenated appearance.

I haven’t tried this eye cream as of yet since I have SOO many from past/other beauty boxes.  But I love expensive skincare and I can’t wait to see how this bottle works.  I honestly don’t think I would pay $68 for eye cream unless its performing miracles LOL!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil in Plum 12hr Wear Waterproof $10 USD

  • Enhance and enliven your eyes with the bold, long-wearing color of these eye pencils. The silky formula is resistant to water, heat, and humidity, ensuring up to 12 hours of smudge-less wear. 

I haven’t tried such a bold color like this before & I think its perfect for fall!  Its such a pretty plum color and Im excited to test out if it really lasts 12 hours!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush in Pink Granite $21 USD

  • A highly-blendable, gel-powder eye shadow and powder blush with vivid color payoff.  Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this unique eyeshadow palette. With its breakthrough, gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color.

UGH so HAPPY that I received this because I love Makeup Forever! I can’t wait to use this color + this color is going to be amazing for the fall!  Its so creamy + so blendable and I don’t expect anything less from Makeup Forever.  I love that its not a normal pink color its more of a purple.  I also love that this color is buildable as you can see from the swatch its super light so you can work with it in many different ways.

Thats it for Augusts Sephora Play!  I have to say this month wasn’t a total dud & I actually did get some awesome products.  What do you think?!  Let me know down below!

Love always,

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