Influenster Flawless Voxbox Review.

Hello hello hello!! 😃

I am so excited to write this post for you guys today because I rarely get the opportunity to try these amazing Influenster Voxbox’s this is my second big box in probably a year! Usually I get funky ones like peanut butter & olive oil,so random I know! [Whats up with that?! LOL]

But to my surprise I had a FLAWLESS voxbox at my door last week with so many amazing goodies to show you guys!!  [PS.  Totally missing the Harvest Snap Peas.  They are my F😍V & I couldn’t wait!]. 

Loving this blue box! It reminds me of summer ☀️.


Love that they show you all the amazing products you receive!

All my goodies minus the Harvest Snaps 😉

Sinful Colors Kylie Collection $2.99

Not sure what color this is I didn’t check 🙈. But I never use nail polish as I go to the nail salon twice a month.  But it’s a super pretty winter color!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes $5.99

I finished these so fast it wasn’t even funny!  This wasn’t full size so there weren’t 25 wipes inside like normal but I am obsessed with these! There gentle on your skin, they don’t burn & take off ALL your makeup!

Yogi Tea in Stress Relief & Skin Detox $4.49

I had this tea for first time yesterday!

I tried the stress relief tea and by my surprise I really enjoyed it with a nice relaxing bath! It had hints of licorice but wasn’t over powering.  I did not use sugar and it was perfect for my liking!

Cover Girl So Lashy Mascara $8.99

This is my first time ever using a Cover Girl Mascara.  When I go shopping for mascara I usually go with your typical drug store Maybelline product or I head out to Sephora to get something good.  I’m super excited to try this mascara though because it does have the precise ball tip to get your little lashes!

UPDATE:  This mascara for the last 3 weeks or so has been my go to mascara! Every time I go to grab a mascara to put on this has been my reach too!  It makes my no lashes actually look I have some lashes! I usually apply about 2 coats on the tops and the bottoms.  I am also pretty obsessed with the ball tip for your little baby lashes as it gets EVERY lash without making a mess!  I am so shocked on how well this mascara works, and I will be buying another one once this runs out!

Dr Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution in Eucalyptus & spearmint $4.99

As you can see I took a soaking bath last night, and it was lovely! I really love the eucalyptus & mint + on top of that I used a Bath and Body Works Stress Relief foaming bath gel that was eucalyptus & mint and it was AMAZING! 

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water $7.99?

This was just a sample not an actual product they gave me to use.  This was like the bonus product in this box and thats why theres not even an accurate price because its not even on the info card provided.  I will say that this water is AMAZING!  It literally lifts off any extra dirt, and makeup you have on your face.  I loved it so much I went out and bought the full size bottle.

Ebates Flyer!

I use Ebates all the time or at least I try too!  Depending on the stores you shop at you can get a tiny little refund of money depending on how much you spend.  Every few months they cut you a check on how much you accumulated, and its like a little extra pocket money to spend!  If your interested in making extra bucks from shopping at your favorite stores SIGN UP HERE!

Overall so HAPPY when I get voxboxes! I love to see what amazing goodies are inside! Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed! If you liked this post don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, shout out, or even hit the subscribe button!!

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19 thoughts on “Influenster Flawless Voxbox Review.

  1. That bath looks like it was so relaxing! Nothing like a good cup of tea and some bubbles at the end of a long day 🙂 Also I’m interested to see what you think of the Covergirl mascara. It looks like such an interesting brush!

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