AliExpress & Wish Shopping HAUL #1

This video is for all the skeptics who want to know about AliExpress & Wish Shopping. Β For all those times you were so close to hitting “buy it now” heres a good reason why you should give it a go! Β I was lucky enough to have an amazing experience, and pick out so much makeup for little sister for Christmas. Β It was well worth for it for, and watch why!!

If you have any questions or comments about AliExpress or Wish please leave them below I would love to help, chat & answer your questions. Β Let me know if you ever ordered from there, and what your experience was like!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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13 thoughts on “AliExpress & Wish Shopping HAUL #1

  1. What a lucky little sister to be getting ALL those goodies! I’ve shopped on AliExpress since 2013 and that’s where I get 75% of my clothes and almost all my shoes because I’m tiny and fit their sizes. For me, 9/10 times the product I get is exactly like the picture and on the 1/10 time that it isn’t, I’ve gotten a full refund so there is no risk. Highly recommend for clothes, jewelry, accessories and shoes!

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