✨ Modern Renaissance Makeup Tutorial ✨

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to be showing you guys this makeup post today!  It has been forever since I showed you guys any of my completed looks, and I feel like today is the day!  I have been really working on my makeup lately, and doing different things/looks.  One thing I figured out about myself is that I suck at doing eyeliner and when I accomplished this look I was like “OMG I need to post this and show everyone!” because I was just so shocked that I did it! (Practice makes perfect, somewhat!)  I am still in no way great at doing my eyeliner but I’m learning different tips and tricks you can do to do it better!

Cut creased has been such a big and upcoming thing lately I knew I needed to try it!  I completed this look down below using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette.  To complete this look keep reading below!

Here is the break down I did to get this look:

  1. I applied Burnt Orange in my crease.
  2. I then applied Realgar in my crease and made sure to blend, blend, blend!
  3. I applied Red Ochre only in the lower part of the crease kind of where your eyelid folds to make it look like there’s a little bit more depth. Make sure to blend everything out nicely.
  4. I then took a super thin brush and Red Ochre to kind of make a more defining line in the inner crease itself and blended that out.
  5. Now it’s time to cut the crease. You can use foundation, concealer or whatever you like to do this.  I used my Too Faced born this way concealer to cut the crease.  Make sure to make sure whatever you used is blended out perfectly.  This should leave you with a blank canvas.
  6. After that I applied the color Tempera all over my lid making sure to pack it on, and not getting it into your cut crease area.
  7. I then did my winged eyeliner with Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. A lot harder than I thought it was going to be, and it is nowhere near perfect in this picture.  But I did my best!
  8. I then took the color Vermeer and applied it to my brow bone, and inner corner to brighten everything up a bit.
  9. I then took a black eyeliner pencil and applied it to my lower waterline not going all the way into the inner corner.
  10. For the lower lash line I went over it with a little bit of Burnt Orange, Realgar, and Red Ochre to just smoke it out a drop.


I would love to see your makeup looks so make sure to tag me on either Instagram or Twitter to show me the looks you create!! Let me know what you think & if you would like to see more of these posts down below in the comments!! + if you have any tips on getting perfect eyeliner please leave it the comments down below too! LOL!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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29 thoughts on “✨ Modern Renaissance Makeup Tutorial ✨

  1. Your eyes look amazing and Omg, I felt the same way! When I used this palette, it looked like I had some training in makeup artistry. lol I was shocked at how nicely pigmented it is and it stays pigmented even with severe blending. This was probably the best purchase I’ve made in months.

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