Birthday Girl Makeup Tutorial FT. Studio Makeup

Hi beauty’s!

Today I bring you my birthday eye shadow look I did on Friday! What better way to celebrate 27 with some sparkle & sprinkles in/on your eyes.  This look is another easy eye shadow tutorial that anyone can do!  For some reason I have been into doing super easy effortless looks with my eye shadows, and oddly enough I feel like I have been using the same colors over and over again, LOL!  Something about light popping colors just has me so attracted to them I don’t know what it is.  If you received Studio Makeup Officials Cool Down Palette in your BoxyCharm a few weeks ago then you are going to be able to achieve this look no problem!   Check out the pictures below to see the look I did for my birthday last week + the step by step colors I used to accomplish this look


How I completed this look:

Since this palette does not have color names I marked the colors I used by numbers so it’s easy to achieve!  I hope you have Studio Makeup Officials palette to complete this look if not I’m sure you can substitute other similar palettes and colors!

  1. You are going to take color # 1 and apply it to your crease, and blend.
  2. Then you are going to take color # 2 and also apply + blend that to your crease area of the eyelid.
  3. I then took color # 3 and tried to only apply it to my inner crease to try to make it look a little bit more defined using this dark color.  I then applied everything all together.
  4. I took my Too Faced Born this Way Concealer and applied it on my lids with my eyes open to only get it where my lids crease.  Blend that out really well so its all even.
  5. Then I took color # 4 and applied it all over my lid where we just applied the concealer and I used my finger for best application + pigmentation.
  6. I took color # 5  and applied it to my brow bone, and inner corners.
  7. I then took colors # 1,2,3 and applied it to my lash line.
  8. Then I took my Kat Von D original tattoo eyeliner and tried to do the best winged look I can possibly do!


Like I said SUPER EASY effortless makeup tutorial!! This look will probably take you a whole 20 minutes if your great at applying eyeliner LOL!  Have fun & play around!

I would love to see your makeup looks so make sure to tag me on either Instagram or Twitter to show me the looks you create!! Let me know what you think & if you want to see different looks/tutorials from me please let me know what you would like to see down below loves!!!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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36 thoughts on “Birthday Girl Makeup Tutorial FT. Studio Makeup

  1. Girl, that totally screams birthday makeup! I love it. I’m totally a fan of the gold/rose gold tone-ish colors they’re so natural yet with the touch of shimmer it makes it really pop! Love it! So was your birthday on Friday? Happy Late Birthday!!! That was my boyfriend’s birthday as well!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much pumpkin!!!! I am totally digging the gold/rose gold champagne look on me lately I dont know what it is!! Its just something I keep going back to no matter how much I try to do something different LOL! And yes my birthday was Friday Thank you so much!! And please tell your boyfriend I said HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! So cool birthday twins!

      Felicia Xo


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