The BEST Snowmobiling in New York ❄️

I may just be two days too late but I consider this week to be love week that means Valentine’s Day all week long right ladies & gents?! LOL.  We decided to celebrate our Valentine’s Day weekend last weekend by going snowmobiling upstate NY in a little town called Speculator.  I have never went snowmobiling before, and when he mentioned this is what he wanted to do I was just like “Can you just take me to the spa instead?!.LOL!  But ladies we can’t have it all, and I let him have this one this time because I dragged him to the Hershey Chocolate Spa for his birthday this past June LOL.  I am so glad we did go snowmobiling because I had the time of my life!  I wanted to show you guys all the pictures of our weekend below. Check em’ out!

Outside our hotel window

We stayed about an hour away from where we would snowmobile because honest to god there is no decent hotel up to Felicia standards in Speculator NY!  I’m sorry call me spoiled I like my Marriots, and Holiday Inns but there was no way I was staying at a dingy motel or bed, and breakfast.  Our hotel was located in Johnstown, NY and after doing major research I finally found a Holiday Inn & thats exactly where we stayed!  From Brooklyn to this hotel in Johnstown NY it was exactly a 3 1/2 hour drive. Not too bad!

When we arrived it srarted to snow so this is what the view out of our window looked like.  It was so pretty!! Plus its the back of the hotel and it was nice and quiet.  I didnt take any pictures of the hotel because its just like your standard Holiday Inn nothing too crazy.  We did freshen up and go to Walmart then we made our way back to the hotel and off to their bar that evening!  Where the drinks were strong, and the bartender was super friendly.

The next morning we drove an hour north to Speculator NY to rent our Snowmobiles from Village Rentals NY.  We winded up renting their Venture Lite 2 person snowmobile for the whole entire day (Reservations required people so call in advance!).  To rent this snowmobile for the whole day only cost $250 for two people, not per person which is great!! They do take a deposit of $500 from you that goes back to your card once they inspect the machine for damage, and all they ask is for you to fill it up with gas on the way back in to the rental shop.  You get unlimited snowmobiling from 830AM-530PM, woof it was a long day!

They gave us a map with 70 miles of unlimited snow trails!  Who knew NY got this much snow to cover 70 miles of trails, OMG!!  And the funny thing about this is we called other snowmobiling places closer to Vermont and they had NO snow to snowmobile that weekend.  Chris and I are not map friendly what so ever so we decided to opt in with the snowmobiling app they offer for all NY snowmobiling trails.  Let me tell you that app was a life saver because we totally got lost!!! LOL!

When on these trails you need to careful for other riders because there not closed trails they are open to the public so there were people always behind you or speeding in front of you.  So proceed with caution my speed demons!

I was taken back by the scenery I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, and that this much snow was possible.  After a snow storm I’m used to seeing gross, dirty, New York City snow.  But this what NOT the case up here!! It only got whiter, and whiter and more fluffy as we drove past it!  This was one of the big trails.

Thanks to this guy for an awesome weekend!!

How cool is that?!

Some trails were very narrow for only one snowmobile so you needed to take turns letting people go.

LOL he caught me putting my gloves back on!  As you can see I was not dressed for snowmobiling!! I under dressed and under packed because I really dont have winter clothes that you would need for snowmobiling and winded up having to borrow a pair of sweatpants from Chris to go over my jeans LOL!

Love birds V-day weekend adventures!! LOL

Hes such a cute little picture snapper! Caught me off guard!

These pictures are from our drive home!! It took a long 5 hours to get home because the day we were leaving Upstate NY decided they were going to get hit with a blizzard that was going to bring them 14 inches of snow!! Bringing down 2 inches of snow per hour.  So lets just say we creeped our way home to make sure we both got home safe in such bad driving conditions.

I definitely recommend everyone to go snowmobiling especially if your are located in the Northeast of the USA then I definitely recommend this place to go snowmobiling!! I cannot wait to go again next year but next year we decided we are going to invite all of our friends because the more people the better it is!  Thanks so much for reading!! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite winter time activity/sport is?!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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4 thoughts on “The BEST Snowmobiling in New York ❄️

  1. That looks like such a fun date idea!!! I’ve been wanting to go snowmobiling for the longest time and still haven’t gotten around to it! I’d probably be like you with the whole sweatpants over the jeans lol I mean really, who has snow pants these days unless you’re a skier or snowboarder 🙂

    xo, JJ


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