Gifting for Mother’s Day + a Giveaway!

It’s almost that time of the year again, and we have just about two weeks until the most special day of the year, Mother’s Day.  Around this time of the year I am always struggling, and scrambling to find my mom a gift, and to find one fast!  But I’ve come to the conclusion that moms like jewelry!  But we always give them the typical bracelet, earrings, or necklace.  But what about we give them something different this year?!  Like stepping out of the box and giving mom a really unique watch!!  What’s cooler than a wooden engraved watch for mom this year on her special day?!  NOTHING!!  Now go check out this awesome one I received complimentary below from JORD.  I will be giving away $100 towards your very own JORD watch information below!

I was so shocked when this huge box got delivered right to my door step by the Fed Ex man!  I was not expecting this at all!

JORD has gone above and beyond my expectations of packaging!! They do not disappoint what so ever!  But that is because there is special cargo in there.

I love the little touches they did to make this experience even more better than it was.  I feel like no body puts “fragile” stickers on their boxes even when it is a fragile piece.  I’ve gotten so many boxes in the mail squashed, and damaged because they didn’t have this great add on to their packaging. [Such a sucker for good packaging, obviously LOL]

When I opened my box I was even more surprised this beautiful time piece holder stood their staring at me.  First thing I noticed was the engraved J for JORD watches in the watch box, and the amazing smell of wood that protruded my nose.  I’m used to getting watches in plastic boxes.  I have never experienced something so personalized before in my life!

Still obsessing over this packaging! LOL!  Look how personalized they make it!

In this box I was shocked to see a microfiber cloth monogrammed with JORD on it, and some finishing oil to keep your cool watch looking brand new, always.

This box is solid wood, and is quite heavy!  It slipped out of my hand, slammed on my table, and made a nice indent!

I love all the personal touches of their brand that they do.  With the monogrammed watch pillow that is made out of burlap, right down to the little monogrammed JORD piece that is attached to the watch (that does come off).  This would make any mom happy especially with this unique mothers day gift.

I am such a sucker for light wood!  I don’t know what it is but something just attracted to me to these colors in this watch,  The watch that I chose is part of their FIELDCREST series and is made out of Zebrawood and Maple wood.

FIELDCREST Series Zebrawood & Maple $139 USD

  • We grew up on tree lined streets with slow driving cars, and plenty of friends to play on the pavement with. No matter the season, the weather was always perfect and the sun always went down too soon. Life is good. Life is simple. No need for the bells and whistles. Just like our Fieldcrest Series. Choose the intricate grain pattern of Zebrawood to turn your style ever so slightly to the wild side.  This watch features scratch resistant mineral glass, deployment buckle with push buttons, case width is 39MM, case thickness is 11MM, band thickness is 20MM.

I just love how affordable these watches are!!! ONLY $139!  That’s so inexpensive, and you are getting a beautiful piece, and personalized delivery to go with it.  This watch can also be turned into a engraved gift.  They have so many different types of watches! Men’s watch, women’s watch, and this can be a great gift for mothers day, fathers day, and a grad gift!  These watches comes with a 1 year limited warranty, and if you dont have the funds right now they do offer a payment plan as low as $13 a month!!


  • Very unique watch.
  • Super light on your wrist.
  • Can be engraved.
  • Great gift option for all occasions.
  • Great gift for yourself just because!
  • Very cool easy to use buckle.
  • Love the wood smell.
  • Comes with oil, cloth and humidified controlled watch box.
  • Goes with everything!



Don’t forget to check out their:

Love how this box comes with a secret compartment on the bottom here (seen through the holes) where this compartment is filled with humidity control packet so your watch doesn’t contain moisture on its adventure to your door step.

This is the beautiful monogrammed micro fiber cloth and finishing oil that they give you.  Everything you need to take care of this gorgeous watch!

I have been wearing my JORD watch just about everyday!  Before I received this watch I used to wear my Michael Kors watch just about everyday, but that has now been put into the jewelry box, and I haven’t looked back since!

Enter this JORD Giveaway Below!


When you enter this giveaway you will be eligible to win a $100 e gift code.  Everyone who enters this giveaway will automatically receive $50 e gift code even if they aren’t the main giveaway winner.  This contest is open until 5/14 at 11:59PM.  The winner will be automatically selected by JORD and everyone will be emailed their coupon code. The e gift code will expire on  6/30/2017. 

I hope you all loved this review, and love your JORD watch just as much as I do!!  I encourage everyone to win this super awesome giveaway because we have so many special holidays coming up and there’s no better way to give a gift!  Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway contest!!

Love Always,

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Disclaimer: JORD has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.
Wooden Wristwatch


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