The Mascara That Changed My Life | Givenchy Noir Interdit

That’s right I said it!! I finally found a mascara that is life changing LOL!  I for one have no lash lashes (that’s what I like to call them) ever since I went and got eyelash extensions done.  No little birdie told me that this was going to ruin my lashes and that I would have stubs for lashes once they all fell off.  I have yet to find a mascara that makes my stubs perk up and actually look like I have lashes, until this mascara came along!

Check it out below!


Of course Givenchy has the most amazing packaging! I would not expect anything less!

This bottle of mascara is so sleek and has such an awesome design!

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara $29

  • A deep black mascara that creates a lash extension effect and buildable volume, thanks to its innovative 90° bendable brush.
  • Noir Interdit Mascara ensures that lashes are deeply reached—from the root up—for ultimate length. Featuring an innovative 90° bendable brush that’s inspired by Givenchy’s backstage shows, this mascara offers a unique stretching formula to sweep on the ultimate lash extension effect—without compromising your lashes and customized volume. It seamlessly gives you intensely lengthened, volumized, and defined lashes.

I did receive a full size bottle of this amazing mascara the size is 0.31 oz/ 9 g.

How to use:

  • Apply your mascara like a pro, following Givenchy’s  tips :
  • Bend the brush to 90° by pressing the wand against the top of the container to reach lashes from the root up.
  • Then brush them up in a zig zag motion from the root to the tips for unlimited length and definition.
  • Unbend the brush to create a buildable volume.

Do you see how amazing this brush is?!  I have NEVER seen a mascara with such an amazing wand!  It definitely does make a huge difference.  But, my favorite part of this mascara that they forget to mention is that it has a perfume scent to it!! Who doesn’t want their lashes to smell delicious?! I know I DO!

Unlike their directions on how to use it if you watched my video above you can see I applied my mascara a little differently.  I applied 2 coats without the wand bent, then on the third coat I bent my wand to its amazing 90° angle and applied the third layer using that zig zag movement. Either way you apply this mascara its going to work like a charm!


  • Made a huge difference to my no lash lashes!
  • Gave it volume.
  • Gave it length.
  • Has an amazing fragrant smell that they forget to mention!
  • Packaging & bottle is to die for!
  • Easily accessible to purchase online & in stores!


  • $29 maybe steep for some to buy, but its definitely worth every penny!
  • I did stab myself in the eye more then once with this wand, LOL!

Overall thoughts:

Literally blown away by this mascara.  I have A LOT, and I mean A LOT of mascara’s at home, and I have never came across anything like this.  No mascara that I have has ever given me the length, and volume that my lashes desperately need until Givenchy Noir Interdit came into my life!  I will be purchasing this one again, and again once this bottle runs out!

Let me know your favorite mascara! Leave it in the comments below!


Thanks for reading!

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Givenchy & influenster has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.



18 thoughts on “The Mascara That Changed My Life | Givenchy Noir Interdit

  1. Right when I was thinking that I would poke myself in the eye….you said it. Haha. It’s a cool concept and ur lashes look awesome. I already pay $23, and by the looks of it, it’s definitely worth the extra $6!!

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