Product Review: The BEST Damn Makeup Brush Around! FT Artis Palm Brush.

Hey Everyone!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again Artis Brushes are unlike any other brushes you are ever going to find, and use in this lifetime.  If you have seen my previous review on my Artis Oval 7 Brush you are well aware of the obsession I have with these brushes.  They are the game changer of makeup brushes and I swear everyone needs to go buy one and get their hands on them already!!! You won’t be let down or sorry for making this investment!!  It will be your BEST investment I can promise you that 😉

Today I bring you a product review that I should have done ALONG TIME AGO but I didn’t start using this product until recently even though I had it for months, and months, and months.  Today I bring you my honest review on the Artis Elite Mirror Collection Palm Brush.  When I first received this brush I was so excited that I got it, and I couldn’t wait to use it.  But for the longest time this brush just stayed on my vanity untouched, and unused still in the box.  I really didn’t have any intentions of using it because I had so many other brushes I loved especially my Artis Oval 7 brush also from their elite collection.  PLUS I knew this brush was a beauty and it just needed to sit in its box forever, and ever and ever, LOL.

Before I get into my full review and story I want to make sure everyone has an idea of who Artis is and what there all about!  You can find them at

About Artis

Artis is the Latin word meaning: “skill, method, technique, conduct, character.”  

Born from the realization that makeup brushes have never evolved from the watercolour paintbrushes they copy, Artis is dedicated to the creation of the modern cosmetic and makeup brush. Through inventing new orientations, methods, materials and designs, Artis enhances the application of cosmetic and makeup products not only for Professional Makeup Artists, but all Makeup Users.

The Artis mission is to become a premier designer, manufacturer and multi-channel retailer supplier of Artis beauty tools and products worldwide. Artis aspires to define a global standard for efficient, ethical and aesthetically beautiful makeup brushes, beauty products, services, and information. Beautiful Brushes/Remarkable Results®

Every time I opened the box to look at this beauty of a brush I would say to myself “How am I ever going to use this brush to apply my makeup? It’s so big how would this ever work?”.  So one day I decided to do my research and see what other beauty gurus are doing with this brush, and how they used it.  I am so happy that I took the time to finally look into this!  It has been a life/game changer for my makeup game, and I kick myself for not using this brush sooner!

So lets get into the details of this amazing brush!

The Artis Palm Brush $65 USD

About The Artis Palm Brush:

  • Artis, the brand that revolutionized the beauty industry with the reinvention of the makeup brush, launches our latest ergonomic design—the Palm Brush—that fits right in the palm of your hand.
  • The Artis Palm Brush is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, providing unique application control. Encircling the base of the metallized-finish dome is a grip band that allows the fingertips to more easily hold the brush during use. There is also a finger indent in the dome section to assist with stability. The trademarked CosmeFibre bundle delivers superior application of product. CosmeFibre is exclusive to Artis.
  • With its ultra-minimalist design, the patented Artis Palm Brush is destined to be a universal favorite among women and men alike. This brush applies and blends foundation, blush, highlights, and setting powder over the face and body with a few gentle gliding or circular movements. The Palm Brush can also be used to apply skincare formulas, like moisturizer and sunscreen to your face and body, or to extend your summer glow with your favorite sunless tanner or bronzing product.
  • At Artis, our goal is to create brushes and tools that deliver the highest quality application and are beautifully designed to complement the lifestyle of the Customers and Fans we serve. By paring down the extraneous, the Palm Brush becomes an expression of ultra-minimalism in a makeup brush, perfect for those who appreciate pure simplicity of lifestyle. The result:  A beautifully sculpted brush that fits in the palm of your hand; is easy to use; highly efficient; and delivers the high standard of application for which Artis is known.

So for my palm brush I only use it for makeup like applying my foundation, primer, concealer, cream contour, makeup setting powder, etc.  But there are so many other uses for this brush!  Just see a few extra below:

  • Highlight on face and body
  • Bronzer on face and body
  • Self-Tanner on face and body
  • Tan Enhancer on face and body
  • Moisturizer on face and body
  • Sunscreen/block on face and body

After I discovered all the different ways I can use this brush I have not used any other makeup brush since!  I do use different brushes for my eye shadow mostly all Luxie Beauty Brushes, but this Artis brush is the makeup brush I continue to reach for every time I do my makeup.  With these Artis brushes its all about the CosmeFibres® that make-up this makeup brush no puns intended LOL.  Artis brushes on average have 3-10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes.  So this makes blending so much easier, it gives you that airbrushed finished look we all dream about, and doesn’t make you waste product like other brushes would!

I wanted to show you guys a tutorial I did a month ago of me using my Artis Palm Brush!



How cool is that?!  It’s an everything type of brush! 😍

When I apply my makeup for example my foundation I put my foundation directly on my face but I apply it in little dabs all over my face.  This makes for easier application, and way easier to blend all that foundation in really well.  For easy blending just make sure to blend in circular motions my loves!!

My Thoughts:

I am obsessed with how soft these brushes are!  I find myself rubbing this brush against my face even when I don’t plan on putting makeup on because its just so soft, and fluffy.  I love the shape of this brush because its so easy to hold in the palm of your hand and it makes for easy application.  I love that you can use it for multiple purposes (I do clean my brush in between every use).  This brush doesn’t over use product so I find my foundations, and powders not running out so quickly like if I was using my beauty blender.  This brush blends all your makeup in like a DREAM and leaves you STREAK FREE!  It gives you that amazing airbrushed look with every single stroke!! Key to this brush is to never take it off your face when blending in your foundation, or concealer.  I haven’t used any other brush lately, and I am a 100% Artis brush groupie for life! LOL!


  • Easy to hold
  • Flawless finish
  • So soft & fluffy
  • Good quality
  • Used for multiple purposes
  • Animal free/cruelty free


  • Can be on the pricier side but so worth it!
  • Hard to fit in your travel bag!  This beauty will unfortunately stay home when I go on trips.
  • The white part to this brush tends to get dirty pretty fast.
  • Dont like that the brushes are made in “China” and state that its made in China too!

Self reflections in my PJS LOL

These products are made in China.

There are LOTS of more photos below loves!

I hope you all enjoyed this review, and I hopefully convinced all of you to get out there and purchase these great brushes!! Here are a list of places where you can find them for sale!  If you have used Artis brushes before let me know how you use yours in the comments below!!

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Love always,

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25 thoughts on “Product Review: The BEST Damn Makeup Brush Around! FT Artis Palm Brush.

  1. I love how you said that you would just sit there and brush it against your face because its so soft and fluffy, I totally envision myself doing the same thing. Whenever I feel something so soft and fuzzy/fluffy I just have the urge to rub it against my face lol The brush really does sound great and looks to work really nicely. Great review!!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. I recently wrote a post about how much I love these brushes too! Makes me feel better about myself spending so much on them haha. But seriously, the Oval 7 changed my life and I needed to buy more!!


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