Bootay For A Good Cause πŸ‘

I am so excited to bring you guys this post today because this has been one I have been wanting to share with you all!  How often do we see brands doing something good? Rarely right?  Today I feel brands really don’t give back as much as they should especially big brands, and especially those luxury brands because GIRL we know they are expensive + they are making money!  So when I come across a brand that is doing something good or supporting a good cause it really shocks me.  When brands do good things this only makes me want to go buy them more, and support them for being so good.  Like, good job you brand, you! You deserve a pat on the back, but take my money instead!  But this brand is changing the world one cute panty at a time!

Bootay Bag

Bootay Bag is a monthly underwear subscription for only $12 a month (Which is amazing because Victoria Secret is just getting too expensive lately!).  They let you pick the style preference that best suits you, and you pick your size.  They have thongs, they have bootay shorts, lacy not lacy and the list can go on because they have so many different styles each month that will make you feel beautiful and sexy.  You can also adjust your delivery schedule to a time and day that suits you best!  They also ship for free unless you are international then it is $10 additional per month.

The best part of this whole subscription service is that when you snap a selfie with your bag and tag @BootayBag they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.  They want to make sure that they raise awareness to show that everyone has their own battle, but that does not mean you have to fight alone!  Honestly, they cant get any more philanthropic than this!

But I put in for a combo bag which was going to be a mix of thongs, and full coverage undies.  I like being able to mix it up because I love wearing both!  The first pair I received are these adorable sexy lacy undies.  They are stretchy, the material is so soft, and the best part is there are no tags!

The next one I received was this adorable nude thong.  I am obsessed with this one because I am a thong type of girl!  I do wear one everyday and leave the other undies (like full coverage) for bed time so I am super comfy when I sleep.  No likes to fall asleep with a string up their tush that’s for sure!

Bootay Bag is for a great cause so I highly recommend everyone to go check them out!! They can be purchased for yourself, and even as for a gift for someone else!  To subscribe to this awesome monthly subscription go click that link right below:


Love always,

Mascara in the City

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Bootay Bag has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.


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