Top 5 Best Restaurants in New York

It’s been a while since I did a foodie blog post.  It’s been makeup, and product review overhaul lately and I think it’s time to change it up a bit before I flood your feeds again with more makeup, and more products LOL.  So if you guys don’t know I live in the greatest borough out of the boroughs in New York which is Brooklyn.  We can be found here LOL.


(If you aren’t too sure or never been here before New York City has 4 other boroughs besides itself which consist of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx).

I myself live in South Brooklyn which is about 45 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic in my car or a 45 minute ride on the train right to New York City.

(This is my commute every day to work too, ugh Lol!)


Being able to live in such an amazing place I get to try some amazing food and since I am such a foodie I figured I would share with you guys my top 5 favorite places to eat in Brooklyn.  Whether you live close by, in another country or another state I hope that all of you come to Brooklyn one day and get to try these amazing places!

1. DeStefano’s Steakhouse


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  • If you are all about your meat then this is the place for you!  DeStefanos is located right in the Williamsburg/Green Point area of Brooklyn.  They offer prime aged dry steaks with an amazing extensive wine collection at a kick ass price.  I must have been here about a million times.  This is our place to go when we are craving a good steak.  When Chris and I go we usually get the potato croquette for appetizer then filet mignon with a side of mashed potatoes to share for dinner.  Desserts are always different and are always so amazing!  Staff is friendly and the owner is always around to greet us. I had Chris’ 27th birthday surprise dinner here last year and we had the whole back room to ourselves plus they were nice enough to give us free appetizers, and shots of lemoncello to end the evening off right.

2. La Nonna Ristorante & Bar


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  • La Nonna has to be one of my favorite Italian restaurants on the planet.  Located on Kent avenue right near the water in Williamsburg this is one Italian restaurant that steals my heart.  The chef/owner at this restaurant comes straight from Teggiano which a town in Campania, Italy. This is also another restaurant Ive been too many times, and some of my favorite dishes are: Frittura di Calamari, Burrata Deliziosa, Mozzarella di Bufala in Corrozza, Mozzarella di Bufala in Corrozza, Lombatello ai Ferri, and the Costine di Manzo.

3. Ho’Brah: A Taco Joint


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  • Located in the Bay Ridge part of Brooklyn right on 3rd avenue this little hidden gem sends out the best Mexican food around with a California spin.  If there is one thing I am obsessed over it has to be tacos, guacamole, burritos and bull dog margaritas.  This restaurant is super small so if you plan on going make sure to steer clear of the weekends or else you are going to be waiting forever! I usually go during the week at night, or drive all the way over here from my house to pick up takeout.

4. Panino Rustico


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  • Panino Rustico is located right in the heart of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and they for sure have my heart as well.  This is a family ran establishment that takes cash only so make sure you don’t show up with credit cards or else you wont be eating!  But I do think they have an ATM on site.  I go here at least once a week or once every two weeks to get my classic P15 Panini.  It has fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato and olive oil, OMG!  It comes with a side salad with the most amazing green basil pesto dressing I have ever had in my life.  Every time I come here I also get a large hazelnut iced coffee to drink with my Panini.  I know weird combo but it works well!  Besides the Paninis they have appetizers, wraps, salads, crepes and so much more!

5. L&B Spumoni Gardens


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  • You know you cannot come to Brooklyn and not try our delicious pizza.  This restaurant is located in the Gravesend part of Brooklyn, and has so much going on!  Besides pizza on this property they also have an ice place, hero stand, and a restaurant!  But this is all about pizza here today.  L&B has the best square slices that you will ever find in Brooklyn!  They make their slices so much different than anything other place!  First comes the cheese then the sauce so when you bite into that slice you are getting the full flavor from the dough and cheese mixed.  There are few seats to sit inside because most the seating is on the outside.  There is always a line out the door waiting for a pie, a slice or a ½ a pie but that’s because all pizza is made fresh right there in the window.  Summer time this place is packed but you will never have an issue finding a seat.  When you’re done with your pizza you could go right next door and get the best spumoni ices you will ever taste!  And if you’re still hungry after that then I highly recommend to check out the restaurant because they do have some kick ass Italian food in there as well.

Looking at this post is just making me hungry! What are some of your local hometown restaurants?

Mascara in the City

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Restaurants in New York

  1. Yes this makes me so hungry! Although Houston is my hometown, I know more about Austin’s restaurants because they are better! I like Chilantros-Korean-Texmex fusion, Lick-icecream joint with awesome flavors such as Cilantro Lime, Torchy’s Tacos! As you can tell I love mexican food haha!

    Thanks for sharing, would love to visit these places whenever I go to New York.


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