Product Review: Kilem Kollectibles Accessories.

Accessories are everyone’s best friends.  Whether you are a guy or a girl accessories help style or make any look fab & complete! Right?! That’s right!  That’s why I’m so excited to bring you these fab accessories today, which I have been wearing just about every day from Kilem Kollectibles.  You can style it up with these killer accessories or style it down.  They can be used with formal wear, or just your everyday casual comfy clothes and I have done both!  these bracelets have literally gone everywhere with me too!  I wore them just hanging out by the pool, going on a bike ride near the beach and they even even made it all the way to NYC when I wore them to work.


I love how these bracelets came individually packaged and wrapped so shipping & handling was very delicate.  I was able to pick two bracelets and I have become so obsessed with them!


Victorian Crown Charm Bracelet $9.99 USD

  • This bracelet with its antique etched ball charms, with rose gold accent beads flanked by gold crowns reminded us of Victorian royalty, expensive lace and ruffled collars. You can definitely drink your tea with your pinky in the air rocking this bracelet.


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Tibetan Coin Buddhist Wooden Bracelet $9.99 USD


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  • A Tibetan coin dangles from this dark wood bead bracelet. Rich and mysterious, this bracelet is crate by itself or layered with some other bracelets to create an elegant Asian inspired stack.



I love the dynamic of these two bracelets the royal one reminds me of elegance, the queen, and feeling gorgeous.  The Tibetan coin bracelet reminds me of mystery, and Asian elegance.   I love how both bracelets have little details that stand out like the crown for the royal bracelet and the writing on the coin.


By the way ladies and gents these two bracelets are super affordable and on sale right now!  I am all about sales on accessories! Since this is the BEST time to stock up!








I also received their USB iPhone Charger beaded bracelet and let me just you I am super obsessed with this one because I always have it plugged into my phone not even on my wrist.  This bracelet has helped me keep my phone charged all day long!



How cool is that!! I was confused on how to use this at first and then I figured out I needed my portable iPhone charger as well! LOL (See below).


Use promo code: MitC

On your next order to receive a free stack-able bracelet below!  You have your choice of a wooden or lava stone layering bracelet (as seen below).  I would personally choose lava stone because it can absorb and hold oils.  Essential oils or fragrance oils can be applied to these stones and keep the scent with you all day long.


Overall Thought:

These bracelets and brand definitely give off a feel good vibe!  What makes this even more incredible is that Kilem CO is a small family ran business, and I am all about supporting new and upcoming businesses.  These bracelets have become my new favorite especially the charging one which was a kick ass invention + so handy!  I will definitely be purchasing future accessories from Kilem Co and sharing them with all my friends & family.

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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Kilem Co has sent me this product complimentary, for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own, thank you.


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