Casual Fridays for Under $50

For those who don’t know blogging is not my full time job (even though I wish it was). I work full time in the city for a corporate financial company and we know how it is in the corporate world!! I have to keep it corporate professional during the week always, but boy do I look forward to those days that I can dress more casual!  Everyday it’s usually the same old boring black slacks, nice top & a comfy pair of flats or black dress and comfy sandals.  My causal dress down days are usually on Fridays which always consists of a nice pair of jeans and a cute for formally work blouse (I have never looked forward to wearing jeans in my life more, aha!!).  I figured it would be fun to show you guys what I wear to work on my dress down days while still looking professional, cute and comfy!  Check out both outfits below!

For professional work clothes I always find myself shopping at New York & Company.  I think that store is super affordable and they always have cute work wear.  Some of these pieces I did get along time ago but I did post some similar ones for you to find.  For full outfit details please see below:


This top is from New York & Company which I bought a while back!  I only paid $24.99 for this top which is a total steal!  But please some alternative affordable options below.


These jeans are my absolute favorite and I think I only about $30-40 for them!! Oh and they are from Hollister!  These jeans are so comfy & fit perfectly! By the way they are on sale right now too!!


Believe it or not I got these shoes two years ago from Rue 21 (similar to Forever 21, kind of) for $10.  I couldn’t find the same exact sandals but here are some similar ones!


Another Coach outlet steal! I think I got this purse on black Friday for $165 which is not bad at all!! Retail is usually around $300-$400.  You can find this purse in the outlets still & here are some similar ones below.


Believe it or not I got these sunnies on sale at Solstice for $40 and they are Marc Jacobs.  I found these about two years ago so  I doubt they have these anymore but here are some similar sunnies I found that are just like these!


This cute white collared blouse I also got a few years ago from Forever 21.  Its so perfect for summer time in the office so you arent dying while getting to work.  Im pretty sure I only paid $22.99 and this top has always been a hit in the office.  Here are some of my similar favorite tops below!


Same jeans from above scroll up for more details on these jeans!


These adorable black sandal wedges I got last year from Call it Spring.  I know they were still on their website recently but have disappeared since then! They were on sale for only $40 and they are the most comfortable wedges ever.  So sad I couldn’t you find you guys the exact link but please see similar ones below.

What are your favorite stores to get casual work wear?!  Let me know below!

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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10 thoughts on “Casual Fridays for Under $50

  1. I love wearing jeans to work! It’s amazing how they can be dressed up with the right blouse, shoes and accessories. Dark denim is my favorite because it’s more versatile to wear day-to-night

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I was able to wear jeans at work every single day it would make life so much easier LOL and yes dark jeans are my #1 fav as well! Its just something about them that just draws me in to that dark blue XO


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