Top 5 Best Restaurants in New York Pt. 2

Remember that post I did two weeks ago on the Top 5 Best Restaurants in New York?!  Well guess what?! Since it was such a hit that week I figured it would be awesome to do a part two for this week with some more of my favorite restaurants in New York!  This time I will be adding some of my favorite restaurants from the 5 boroughs not just Brooklyn.  So keep reading to find out what my top 5 are for this week!

1- Bruno’s Ristorante


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  • Bruno’s is an amazing Italian restaurant right in Howard Beach, Queens.  I highly recommend this as a before airport pit stop or if you are looking for the most amazing Italian food in Queens.  The staff is literally like a family they are all so friendly, and the more you go back the more you’re like family.  But let’s talk about the food.  The food is serious at this place and you cannot go wrong with the fried calamari for, mozzarella in carrozza, and eggplant rollatini for appetizer.  For dinner there are so many options on the menu, on the special menu, and they even bring out a meat/fish plate if you want something besides Italian.  I have been going here for years and you can never go wrong with Brunos!

2- The Kettle Black


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  • The Kettle Black Bar can be found right in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on Third Avenue.  If you are looking for some kick ass wings then this is the place for you!  The Kettle Black Bar was rated top 5 wing joints in America from Food and Wine Magazine.  They have dry rubs, wet rubs, and a crazy list of all different flavors and spices.  If you go on a Monday they have .60 cent boneless wing night, and .60 cent regular wings on the bone on Wednesdays.  This place is great for families during the day to come for lunch and dinner but after 10-11PM this place does turn into an adults only bar where you can drink, and dance the night away.  I also recommend this place for brunch on Sundays.  OMG their steak and eggs is the best thing I have ever ate, seriously!

3- Roll N Roaster


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  • Roll N Roaster is located right in the Sheepshead Bay part of Brooklyn and has been around for the last 45 years!  I have been coming here since I was a kid and will always continue to come here.  They have the most amazing roast beef sandwiches, baked on this amazing soft bread, and fully engulfed in this gravy.  And no it’s not a thick gravy at all!! It’s kind of like a broth and it was just fab!! You can have cheese on anything you please with Roll n Roaster and I am all about the cheese on my roast beef and fries.  If you’re not a fan of roast beef don’t fret because they have an endless menu of awesome food.  They have steak sandwiches, chicken fingers, hamburgers, and the best corn fritters you will ever have in your life.  This is more a fast food type of place but not really!  There saying actually is not so fast roll n roaster and to make this even better check out there commercial below from way back when!

4- Sugar Bun Bake Shop

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  • Sugar Bun Bake Shop is located right in Howard Beach, Queens and no they are not just a bake shop!  They do breakfast and lunch here and let me just tell you, you need to go out of your way to come here to try their breakfast and lunch.  I probably go here at least once a week either on a Saturday or Sunday! I travel all the way from Brooklyn on the weekends and endure Belt Parkway traffic just to come here.  For breakfast I get my usual my 2 scrambled eggs with bacon, and Swiss on a seedless roll with a side of a large crumb cake iced coffee, and a vanilla sprinkled donut.  Everything is baked right on site, and cooked right on site.  So you don’t need to go far if you want cheesecake and pancakes, or a cannoli and a hamburger.  By the way their hamburgers and French fries are out of this world too + their soup.  The owner Andrea is always on site as well helping with orders, helping with customers,  and really being a great boss + owner of her store!  I have never seen someone so dedicated every day and that’s exactly why Sugar Bun is still around till this day!

5- Michael’s Pastry Shop

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  • Michaels Pastry shop is for all my sweet tooth, sugar lovers out there who love desserts.  They are located right in the Marine Park part of Brooklyn.  You may have seen them in your local supermarket before because their sauce is sold everywhere!  Whenever I need a dessert for any occasion Michaels is my go to bakery.  I have gotten all different pastries from here, cheesecake, bread, rainbow cookies, cannoli’s, and even their sauce with a box of raviolis.

Love always,

Mascara in the City

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Restaurants in New York Pt. 2

  1. I think I need to plan a trip to New York just to try out all these places – Roll and Roaster and Sugar Bun look particularly delicious! Thanks for this list Felicia!


  2. YAY! So glad you decided to do a part two! That Roll N Roaster commercial is classic. Wish our commercials now were more like that! These suggestions look YUMMY. Although I haven’t been to New York, just by looking at the pictures, it seems I will have to try The Kettle Black first!


  3. I would be all about that bake shop and that pastry shop! Both look amazing! I love that these are all in Brooklyn or Queens. When people think New York, they likely first think of Manhattan. However there are so many other great restaurants in the other parts of the city.

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    1. Thankfully none of these are NYC restaurants! Part 1 is all Brooklyn and part 2 is Brooklyn and queens. I hate traveling to NYC when I dont need too and thats usually traveling here when Im not working as horrible as that sounds LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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